Vauxhall Insignia and Zafira Tourer Get New 2.0 Litre CDTi Diesel Engine


Vauxhall Launches New Large Diesel Engine

Vauxhall announced the all-new 170PS and 400Nm ECOTEC CDTi 2.0 engine which will add more power to the Vauxhall Insignia and Zafira Tourer. The quiet, smooth, and efficient engine is Euro 6 compliant. A power increase of almost 5 per cent and a torque increase of 14 percent the engine delivers speed and go for consumers. Due to the efficient design the engine reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption making it an economic and safe choice.


Impressive Power With A Quiet Ride

Vauxhall applied ‘sound engineering’ to create a quiet ride with reduced vibration, noise, and harshness (MVH) with an overall noise reduction of a full five decibels. Start up the engine and it sounds like a diesel, but once on the road it is impressively hushed.


Power density of the new engine is 85PS per litre matching the praised 1.6 CDTi ‘whisper diesel’ unit. The engine delivers Impressive torque of 400Nm from 1.750 to 2,500 rpm combined with a maximum power of 170PS reached at just 3,750 rpm.


According to Vauxhall’s engine department the new 2.0 CDTI runs as clean as a petrol engine thanks to an after-treatment called BlueInjection. The BlueInjection Selective Catalytic Reduction system removes nitrous oxide (NOx) from exhaust gases.


Vauxhall considers their new sophisticated engine the ideal partner for top models like the Insignia and Zafira Tourer. They stress that the engine is one of the best diesels in its class due to refinement, economy and power density.



The diesel engine’s enhanced performance is due to a new fuel injection system, a completely redesigned combustion chamber, and re-profiled intake ports. Reduced nitrous oxide in the exhaust provide cleaner emissions.  


Vauxhall invested €4 billion in new product and powertrain development. The new powertrain is part of the overall push. Because a majority of customers choose a 2.0-litre CDTi engine, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director,Tim Tozer, considers the large diesel engine a key to Vauxhall’s presence.  

Designed for Driver Satisfaction

Vauxhall announced the new diesel engine just before the 2014 Paris Motor Show where the engine drew attention and praise.  


With strong competition in the D-class, Vauxhall’s new diesel engine offers competitors some challenge, in the price range. The engine provides 0-62mph from rest in 9 seconds on the ray to 139mph. Performance is up to class standards.


The quieter, cleaner, smoother diesel engine performs for both the Insignia and Zafira Tourer. Drivers and passengers appreciate the ride. Once on the road the engine rivals non-diesel engines for performance and noise level.

Improved Positioning for Vauxhall

The all-new 170PS and 400Nm ECOTEC CDTi 2.0 engine makes the gives the Insignia and Zafira Tourer and new competitive edge. Meeting the Euro6 standards with reduced emissions for CO2 and nitrous oxide reassures ecologically minded. While those looking for performance in a diesel engine will appreciate the acceleration power from improved torque. On the road the quiet re-designed diesel engine improves passenger comfort, especially for long-distance quiet rides.


Vauxhalls engineering investment brings dividends to consumers looking for affordable vehicles with performance, fuel economy, and a hint of luxury with a smooth quiet ride. With all the new and competitive features of the CDTi 2.0 Vauxhall gives consumers a new option and driving experience in economically priced vehicles. Add fuel efficiency to the mix for long-term gains for Insignia and Zafira Tourer drivers.