TruVision - Tools to Jumpstart Your Health Journey

TruVision is a private company that produces health related products sold by individual affiliates. All the products are geared toward improving wellness. Compensation is based on product sales.

The Founders


The company founders live the talk, they are young, good-looking and healthy. Travis Martin brings his experience in the corporate arm of network marketing for structure and compensation. Derek Bailey contributes his experience as a marketing specialist. And Shawn Gibson is a successful business owner and investor. Together they’ve designed a health-related business designed to bring health and monetary rewards to the TruVision sales force. As a new business, the company is positioned well to gain traction for the business and creates a simple platform for individual sales.

TruVision Products

The company offers just short of a dozen different health improvement related products for general well being. The products range in price from $10 to $59 depending on quantity and purpose. They address major concerns of consumers in a stress-filled lifestyle.


  • Weight loss

  • Improved energy levels

  • Healthy heart

  • Skin health including cut and abrasion healing

  • Lower cholesterol count

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels

  • Improve liver function

  • Hydration for health

  • Premium diet supplement nutrition

  • Improved sleep


The products are made with natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential natural oils. Proteins, fibers, and omegas contribute to overall health. Natural herbs like bergamot and lime combined with oils distilled from other plants are all ingredients targeted to improve health and eliminate the harmful effects of commercial toxins. There’s even an all-natural deodorant to substitute for the toxic chemicals found in commercial deodorants.


Although some of the products offered replicate products available in the commercial retail market, many customers prefer the ease and simplicity of shopping for health-related products online and having them shipped together in a package, rather than driving around to various shops and retail outlets.


The Benefits of Selling the Products

One of the major benefits of TruVision is the way products are distributed using modern technology. Affiliates don’t need to recruit friends and family or hold parties at their home or their friends or neighbors.


As a distributor, an individual is paid a commission on every product sold. On the other hand, the company firmly believes in a no-pressure policy, never forcing distributors to buy more than they need or market to just anyone under pressure to make a sales quota in order to continue. A distributor’s results are based on their motivation and the personal health success they achieve by using the products.


Products are sold online through the distributor’s personal website where customers can order products individually on an as needed basis or sign up for a discounted monthly shipping plan.


Distributors receives a constant cash flow through TruVision’s weekly payout. The company provides bonuses and matching payouts through the tiered structure. This means that the more a distributor sells the higher the payout. Plus, if a distributor recruits more people into the company they receive recruitment bonuses plus a percentage of that person’s sales commission as well.


Individuals considering working with the company should consider the pros and cons before making a commitment.


  • TruVision is a company with great marketing and a vision for distributors

  • Solid products with benefits that make it easy to eat, clean and stay healthy

  • Well-priced products making them affordable

  • A solid company culture with a high retention rate - people stay

  • A simple compensation plan

  • A 7% commission compared to the industry standard of 2%-5% on similar products



  • A new company yet to be proven in the market

  • The fast start pack requires an investment of $125, but it’s optional and not required

  • There’s a $35 annual fee to join, but it’s easy to waive the autoship feed by selling $100PV worth of product each month


A Health-Related Company Worth Considering

TruVision is a company that provides natural ingredient products for a healthy lifestyle and a reasonable, no-stress compensation package for individuals who want to supplement their income or who may even consider growing a business with their own distributors.


It’s easy to talk about the natural ingredients as an alternative to toxic chemicals and additives in many products out there in the market, even products labeled “healthy.” As a representative of TruVision, you’ll help others develop a more healthy lifestyle, lose weight and reduce fat, optimize body function for better nutrition, and keep the home environment clean safely.


Once you sign up for monthly shipments, you are eligible to build your own business helping others sell the products while earning money. It’s a win-win for a healthy life and an income builder. Plus you’ll work with some really great people.