Review of 4 Top Small Business Insurers

Package Solutions to Cover Business Risks


When a small business looks for insurance a general insurance company provides the basics, you need like general liability and property insurance. Every business is different and quality insurers offer specialized coverage to address your business needs like commercial vehicle coverage for your business fleet or bond insurance for contractors.


Major insurers offer coverage packages with flexible modules to address specific business and industry needs. New businesses as well as older, established businesses may find flexible packaging a simplified way to address risk coverage at affordable rates for your state.


Contractors Edge Insurance offers flexible packaging for small business with modules for


  • General Liability

  • Workers Comp

  • Commercial Auto

  • Contractors Bonds


Large insurers offer benefits to small business to conserve time and energy for you to make a wise business decision.


Take a look at four top insurers in the nation today.


CNA Insurance


CNA is the insurance arm of CNA Financial and focuses on risk protection for small business. While most large insurance providers offer a coverage for consumers and business CNA services small business exclusively. They cover small to very large businesses with diverse packages to meet individual business needs. Since the packages are flexible, you and your agent can tailor your risk coverage to your specific business needs.


Farmers Insurance


Farmers Insurance offers specialized packages addressing specific industry needs from auto repair to retail and education. Construction packages are tailored to contractor needs. In addition to the basic packages, Farmers offers a number of add-on insurance modules to cover specific risks associated with your small business. Farmers covers liability across different business types such as:


  • Product liability

  • Errors and omissions

  • Cyber security risk

  • Employment practices against claims made by employees


Hanover Insurance Group

Hanover offers insurance packages to larger businesses with packages to small businesses. Because Hanover caters to larger businesses with over 24 different packages, the selections and options for small business may not be as cost effective as they are for medium-sized and large businesses. On the other hand, the range of options for specialized liability and property coverage is extensive for overall coverage.



Whenever you do business with an insurer, you assume the risk of the insurer having financial problems. Nationwide has one of the strongest ratings in the industry. This means you reduce the risk in doing business with this insurer over the years.  Along with insurance packages for small business Nationwide offers excellent telephone support for any questions you have about policies and coverage. You can speak with a knowledgeable expert to help you make appropriate coverage choices as you compare packages and modules.


Choosing a Business Insurer

The best way to make a decision on how to choose and insurer for your business and to sort through the various packages and modules is to have basic understanding of the risks of your particular business.


To begin, understand the basic coverage needs of most small businesses as the basis for protecting your business.


  • Business Owner Policy - This policy covers the basics of your business such as property, equipment, income and specific needs of your industry segment.

  • Commercial Auto - This policy insures the vehicles owned and used by your business at a fleet rate rather than as an individual vehicle owner.

  • General Liability - When things go wrong this policy covers property damage, bodily injury, medical payments with additional coverage modules for your business segment.

  • Workers Compensation - Coverage for your employees if they are injured while working.


As you select insurance for your business, you may have special needs like equipment breakdown, data breach, copyright or patent infringement, and advertising. Depending on the nature of your business, you can select and add various risk coverages that pertain to your specific business.


Be sure to review payment options and claims procedures for your insurance package and any additional add-ons.


Comprehensive Solutions

Large insurers like the solutions here are well-versed in many aspects of business insurance. When you make a choice, consider the various components of your package and whether they truly fit your business.


  • Review the insurance carrier

  • Make sure a package covers your specific business risk needs

  • Choose between risk and cost as you consider additional insurance modules


Your major decision is to find the right coverage for you at a cost that fits your budget. Although large carriers offer a variety don’t dismiss smaller insurers who can tailor your package and cost-effective rates. You will be reducing your overall business risk while managing overall business expenses.