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Semantic Entity Analysis

Don’t know what that is? Grab your thinking cap and notebook when +Jason Darrell  joins the Midweek Zap to talk about Semantic Entity Alignment. That entity is your business and alignment is critical to your
web presence.

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Tagline Semantic Entity Alignment Consultant Introduction About me, at a glance: a collection of my personal favourite G+ posts on Circlecount

The Long Version: I love social media, I love copywriting, I love freelancing and I love search engine optimisation. Especially as semantics are bringing them all together to collate information on the Knowledge Graph about our brand, our entities.

Pretty good job, really, as my daily e-zine, Freelancer Plus, revolves around all four of those concepts.

My raison d'être on Google+ is twofold: to help newcomers learn the ropes of this very different social media platform, now that my own personal brand is embedded on here to help freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs learn the art of personal branding through developing their own social presence using quality content as their hub. If I'm not here on G+, I'm either over at the blog that's the hub for my ezine (also called Freelancer Plus, strangely enough) or copywriting and managing social media for private clients.

If there's anything you want to know about G+, please just ask me.  If I don't know, I'll know someone who does.

I'm on Page 1, the top 200 personal/top 150 male profiles in the UK on CircleCount, Google Plus' official registrar, so I'm pretty good for the gen.

I work, rest & play in the SEO, quality content, social media and Google Authorship world. You're more than welcome to accompany me on this fantastic adventure that is the Semantic Web.

As for references, well: in July 2013, I was fortunate enough to be included in the Sparkah Business review's Top 100 Google SEO Copywriters on Earth.  Plus I've plenty of endorsements on LinkedIn and many freelance agency websites.

If you have a #copywriting or #smm enquiry you'd like me to quote for, please submit details to

I'm not the cheapest, but let's face it, Google doesn't want cheap » it wants quality.  For content that will stand the test of time and whatever Google throws at it, hit me now! Bragging rights Top Google SEO Copywriters on Earth, July 2013; Sparkah Biz

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