Your Business Persona - Manage Your Life

Create Balance Between Business and Personal

You're business is not your life.

It is part of your life. Learn to discern what activities are for profit and what activities are for engagement on Google+. Plan to outsource. Manage time for personal activities with friends and family so you don't burn out.

Sandra Watson has owned an operated five businesses. Her experience has taught her strategies for success.

Wed, Jul 9, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

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Guest +Sandra Watson owned and managed three different businesses, not counting her current one on Google+. Your Google+ persona whether on your profile or your business page is a representation of your business. Sandra brings tips and strategies to maximize your business persona.
0:34 Introduction 1:48 Similarity between online business and brick and mortar 2:58 Business practice is the same online 3:48 The ability to reach the whole world 4:05 "The world" is your community 5:05 To concentrate on what others are doing is to lose sight of why we started 5:53 Concentrate on what it is you want to do for your target market 6:02 Your target market is not everyone you communicate with in social media 6:25 You come across people that you like, get to know them, and they know somebody who needs your service 7:58 Your target market may not be on the web all the time 9:29 Spend time working on projects for your target market, do not get sidetracked from original business goal 9:54 Analogy of having a brick and mortar business, not being there, and wondering why customers are not buying 12:53 How to keep your energy level 12:57 A business is like having a baby 14:10 Evaluate what stage of the business you are in 15:25 If you're not doing business because you truly enjoy it, re-evaluate 16:02 If you don't have the passion, it's not going to be a good business for you 16:25 Especially on HOAs, it's obvious who is having a great time 17:28 Always know cost of goods, expenses, and what your income needs to be 18:26 Evaluate which activities are profitable 19:18 Make time to refresh yourself. If you don't take care of "you", you can't take care of your business and your clients 20:12 I may have this business, but this is not my life 20:20 If you are in a business that you love, it is the same thing as fun 24:20 The excitement of creating a business and being involved carries over to social media 26:04 Outsourcing helps you make money 26:22 Figure out a way to make money in order to outsource 26:50 If you have to do it all you will burn out 27:40 Include outsourcing costs in your business plan 30:10 Work as though you are working for somebody are, you're working for your business 31:50 Don't be in business to impress, bring your passion to help someone be better at what they do.
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About Sandra
Tagline Teaching Google Plus ABC's is my passion!
Introduction Always coaching others to learn the easy way. FYI...  That’s me.  I love to inspire , help and motivate others with creative and positive energy!  I believe in educating people to learn to improve their lives by creating personal, easy and simple methods to achieve that goal.  I have found using private video chats and HOA's via Google+ to be one of those methods!  To be able to shorten the learning curve of getting started in the G+ community is definitely my passion! Let's get you up and going on G+ quickly.  I know you don't want to wait months to feel you are "there"!  Your business is waiting for you to get your story out now! I know your time is valuable, so for personal Fast Track training sign up at Contact me at if you would like to be added to my "personal invite" list! I love Hangouts On Air and you can find me on... Wednesdays -  9:00 am MST live with +Dennis Duce on the ABC's of G+/ My life has been a patchwork of many careers; nursing, business, marketing and abstract art.  My love is creating whether it’s art or business. You will also find me in discussions about Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Dreaming it into reality and more. I hope you are inspired to share and inspire others with my talents of art, teaching Google+ and inspiring others .  You can also watch my videos at PS…I love humor, gourmet cooking, decorating and laughing a lot!
Bragging rights Definitely cannot draw a "stick chicken" but my abstract art - now that's a different story!
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