Your Brand Must Build A Loyal Community

Why Your Brand Must Build A Loyal Community

Wed, Jun 22, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Brand Loyalty

Your loyal community spreads the word about your business. Ronell Smith, Moz strategist, is passionate about business strategy and the key component your community has in expanding your business. Ronell is a dynamic speaker whose commitment comes through with every word. Be prepared to take notes.


move from audience to loyalty

until other a competitors

give a reason to come back

loyal to the content not the brand

over serve the people who consume my content

an addendum to your product or service

looking to become better than they were before

how can we find a solution together

answer their core problem

loyalty begins here when they are helped out

give them something to root for

parsley analyses publishing

visuals, videos, text, how to, what increases loyalty on blog

word of mouth, what will move the needle for your brand

content curation - flair artistry and beauty

from competing brands organically tie in content help your brand

Buzz sumo for sharing

Moz highest performing in my vertical

focus on needs of the community not the need of the brand

help ethical view of brand

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*About Ronell:*

I'm the goofy kid at the back of the class daydreaming about how sociobiology has broader implications, specifically for business, and thinking through how companies can perform much better by "behaving" as a coordinated unit as opposed to an agglomeration of selfish individuals. (Yeah, I'm boring.) That natural curiosity is part of what fuels my drive for helping companies be successful. I don't think of myself as having any special talent or gift, but I do have a burning passion to look at a company, understand what's holding it back, then work with the owners to chart a path that ultimately leads to success. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool content guy, but before I was ever a content strategist or content writer, I was a "strategy guy," working with small and midsize companies to help them understand where they are in relation to where they want to be. I cut my teeth as a business writer covering economics, biotechnology, automotive retail and grocery retail. Those experiences helped to shape my path, for now my days are largely spent helping companies of all types with content strategy, marketing strategy, branding and competitive strategy. Today, when asked what I do, I simply say what I am, "A strategist who helps companies put their best foot forward through wise use of their content..." After all, content is everything prospects and existing clients experience in relation to your business.

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