Wyld Stallyns of SEO

Wyld Stallyns of SEO with Ammon Johns and Bill Slawski

Wed, Mar 16, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Anything is possible with +Ammon Johns and +Bill Slawski, the Wyld Stallyns of SEO! We’ll be talking about search engines, what’s new, and answering questions. Here’s your opportunity to plug in to a conversation about being on the web that will have actionable takeaways for your web presence. Let your questions lead the conversation.

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Love the show? Become a patron for just $1 a month.http://www.patreon.com/ZaraAltair About Ammon: Marketer, SEO, and Pioneer Introduction The common view I get from what others say about me is that I'm a long-timer of Internet marketing, well respected, and described as a mentor, expert, and guru, especially in relation to SEO and search marketing. (See for what others say athttp://www.ammonjohns.com/testimonials.htmlandhttp://uk.linkedin.com/in/ammonj )

Sometimes I feel I could describe all that to myself in one word: Old :o)

I've been commercially involved with the web since 1995 when I started building websites, first for myself and later for pay.  Through 1996 and '97 I was spending more and more time on working out how to get traffic and custom to sites.

Following demand (what people were actually hiring me to do rather than what I advertised I did) I shut down my web design business in 1997 and became a full-time specialist in web promotion.

By 1998 I'd started to attract something of a following for my advice, help and general observations in one of the big forums of the day - MarketPositionTalk - which was run by Web Position Gold.

Later, I moved over to a new forum my old friend +Kim Krause Bergwas starting at www.cre8asiteforums.com and there met a lot of new friends and seemed to gain even more of a following.

Across the years since then, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients, and to exchange views and ideas with hundreds of other SEOs, webmasters, and others.  I've had the honour of helping small businesses to be successful, and of helping successful businesses to become giants.

My approach is inherently practical yet with a high degree of creativity.  I love when a client can show me a problem and I can get to work on coming up with solutions that can blow your mind with the creative thinking, yet at the same time are so completely practical they seem obvious in hindsight.

Of course, I'm not just about my work.  I'm fascinated by psychology, passionate about many arts, and can rarely resist the opportunity to share a good pun ... or a bad one.

In addition to this personal profile, you can also find me interacting through my business profile https://plus.google.com/+Ammonjohns/

I am also involved with Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout (an extremely casual but fun weekly Hangout on Air with no specific topic) and with The Codebreakers (examining memetic triggers and memetic effects in relation to marketing, media, and events)

About Bill SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Usability Interested in seo, search engines, searchers' behaviors, the future of search, the semantic web, music, the environment, and how the Web works. Introduction I grew up in New Jersey and Ohio, studied at the University of Delaware and Widener University School of Law, and spend a lot of my time either doing SEO, looking at the code behind web pages or with my nose buried in a search-related patent.

I previously lived in the Virginia Piedmont, about 50 miles west of Washington, DC in a county filled with horse pastures and farm fields. I am presently located in Carlsbad, California. I enjoy reading fiction and science fiction, listening to most types of music, delving into  the history behind small towns, out door photography, and exploring nature.

I am the Founder and President of SEO by the Sea, and I like working with people with their web sites, to help make them easier to find, and easier to use.

Some posts I've written in the past that focus upon analyzing patents from the search engines:

Google's Reasonable Surfer: How the Value of a Link May Differ Based upon Link and Document Features and User Data The Google Rank-Modifying Spammers Patent Google’s Agent Rank / Author Rank Patent Application The Google Hummingbird Patent? I am the Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital, on Google+ at Go Fish Digital

I am often called a patent analyst or patent expert or patent guru by many people and bloggers and media writers, but my job is not to analyze or interpret patents. I do that for fun, and to learn things about search engines and search that I otherwise couldn't.

I consider it performing due diligence and feeding my curiosity - the information behind many business models and algorithms that search engines use are being made public, and it's worth taking the time and making the effort to read through them and trying to understand what they say and why they say it.

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