Words - Language Building Blocks

Words - Language Building Blocks When I first studied Latin the first thing we had to memorise was not sum, es, est, sumis, estis, sunt or amo, amas, amat... it was the definition of language.

Language is a given set of arbitrary vocal symbols by means of which a social group communicates.

This definition is so apt for online presence as you communicate with your social group.

Whether on your website or a social media platform, or here on Google+ your semantic authorship, your word use, is key to not only to having your content read and recognised by search engines but to your communication with your social group.

Do you want to be convincing, creative, or decisive? Or do you want to convert or contribute?

Are You a Beginner at Word Use?

Here’s a quick tip to gather words to enhance your semantic authorship.

Try Mirroring.

Identify two or three individuals who use the tone you want to strengthen. Want to appear more convincing? Find those folks you feel are the most convincing.  Gather some of the words they use. Start incorporating those words one or two at a time into your writing. Soon you will start to feel comfortable with those words.

The words will become part of your working vocabulary.

Strategy Intensive!

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