WordPress: Care & Feeding

WordPress: Care & Feeding

May 27, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

A stream of information for beginners to seasoned users on WordPress, especially what's new for 2015.

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- an average of 26 security holes, most of which cannot be seen from the site, only in the hosting account, and no scanner or checker finds them either

- orphaned files, folders, and database tables from deleted plugins

- multiple abandoned WordPress sites that are no longer being updated

- plugins not configured that are hurting the site and SEO

- resource hog plugins

- plugin conflicts

- too many bad bot hits, chewing up resources

- spammy bot hits with backlinks that will erode SEO over time

+MaAnna Stephenson, the knowledge base for WordPress. Special audience Q&A session. Have a question about SEO, content, conversion, security, performance, membership sites, and more on WordPress? This is your opportunity to get answers. This is like free tech support for Zapsters. Plus, MaAnna is very fun.
01:20 - BACKUP! +MaAnna Stephenson says she finds an average of 26 security holes when she audits a website as well as people backing up incorrectly. "Backups are your only security blanket" and need to be stored offsite.

03:10 - Don't count on your hosting company to backup for you!

05:45 - A false sense of security; +MaAnna Stephenson talks about why you should not be relying on plugins alone.

09:45 - Get rid of unnecessary plugins and properly configure the ones you are using; many are serious resource hogs and are slowing your site down.

17:15 - Keep your site updated and backed up DAILY!

18:05 - You need a good backup solution. +MaAnna Stephenson  gives her list of preferred security plugins and stresses again the importance of backing up.

25:35 - +MaAnna Stephenson answers questions about DDoS attacks.

33:01 - "The days of DIY are over." +MaAnna Stephenson lays it out that cheap hosting isn't going to cut it anymore. If you want security, backups, performance and reliability, you are going to need to pay for it.

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