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Word Minstrel with Peter Hatherley

 Jan 21, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

+Peter Hatherley sings the praises of words.  Learn about semantic authorship, “smarting up”, and the joys of word use. Peter hosts two fun communities on Google+: Wordplay of the Day and Hashtag Plus. Peter will introduce his exciting and fun new word list tool.
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Love the show? Become a patron for just $1 a month.http://www.patreon.com/ZaraAltair

0:20 Shout out to Karel Foucault for Patreon support of the Midweek Zap 0:46 Peter Hatherly Introduction 2:24 Meaning of semantic authorship 2:45 example of wider understanding: Java, an island, coffee, software 3:30 Authorship - work with semantic tools 4:14 Semantic optimization: adding words into your content 4:52 Meaning of predictive semantics: find results that fit out semantic profile, Google predicts what you might enjoy 6:18 The SEO stage of trying to force keywords into different places: like being in a straight jacket 7:35 We’re writing more than we have ever written 7:58 The better we can understand language, the better we can communicate 8:14 Semantic thinking is keeping within the topic 9:30 Data base for project started in 2002 and continued into 2007 10:25 30 to 40 different algorithms to get where we wanted, it wasn’t straightforward 10:49 +Mani St. Vincent started Peter thinking about the conceptualisation in the mind; conceptual memory is long-term memory 11:19 Every concept that we have had or learned is accessible to us 12:35 The foundation of sharing with “perceived” competitors 13:20 Isolate down to two words and then do a semantic search to lead to understand of a subject 14:06 Control yourself not others. 14:29 Started optimising just before Hummingbird, all the sites went up. I knew immediately that the concept works. 15:07 Question +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao: How relevant are written words when you have videos on your website? 15:21 They are very important now. Google will now convert an image into words. Why it’s important to have a picture that matches words. 17:10 Product: A search engine called CISE, Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine 17:25 Everything we write is in concepts 19:12 Screenshare demonstration of CISE. 19:17 Positive, Thematic, and Negative sets of words 20:31 Developing a WordPress use. 20:16 Context is in the eye of the beholder; each individual has a unique response to the word sets 22:50 Three stages of writing: research, incubation, write 26:32 Question +Sean O Dulainne: Google now shows instructions of how to add social profiles to the Knowledge Graph panel….is this good for SMEs...any thoughts? 26:59 Any connection will automatically increase your profile. 30:01 We know the words are connected but we haven’t seen them connected before 32:39 Question +Kristin Drysdale: …When we can more effectively tie words to concepts, then we can more effectively retain those concepts for longer periods of time. Could learning more words for same concepts possibly help ward of dementia in old age? 33:05 Definitely! 33:21 Also helps for dyslexia. 35:30 Question +Amelia Hoskins: Not clear how this is used. 35:50 Videos in the help files to further clarify. 36:28 Think of it as a Thesaurus on steroids. 37:28 Question +Lon McClure: How do we experience this tool first-hand? 37:37 Available from today. Contact Peter. Monthly, weekly, and daily packages. It’s not something I invented, it’s a pattern that was there. 39:40 Comment +Glenn Jewett: The most common misconception is that because you speak the same language, you are communicating. 40:00 It’s the subconscious element. We subconsciously have connections to words. Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? Invite your friends!

About Peter: Tagline Semantic App Development | CEO Introduction I've been engrossed in web marketing since the beginnings of the internet. I'm the owner/manager of Intermart New Zealand a web design company, situated in central Christchurch. We have been providing web based solutions for our clients since 1996.

I love words. Especially creative words. A thoughtful post or expressive subtle humour always appeals. This deep interest in words led me to develop a comprehensive semantically connected wordbank over the past 10 years.

Creating this resource was an incredible experience in itself. I saw the various links and threads within the English language (and a few others) unfolding before my eyes over an extended period and the impact of this knowledge has had a huge effect on me and the way I perceive things to this day.

Semantic understanding allows us to go outside the confines of narrow mindedness so we can comprehend this new knowledge in exactly the way as Google's algorithms see it. In a way the AI got ahead of us. So now we've got to catch up and become far more semantically aware This smarting up is absolutely vital to face the challenges of this current age.

After compiling the wordbase structure and associated links I began the development of our semantic algorithms.These produce a definitive hierarchy of relationships for any search term, producing top matches and an extensive set of words that can be instantly utilised for authoring purposes and for direct semantic analysis.

The Hummingbird update was where it all turned around for us because we had already optimised our sites semantically some months prior to it. So without lifting a finger I watched in utter amazement as all of our sites rose dramatically to top tier results on the local SERPS.

Art and electronic music are my other loves and especially photography. My Dad was an enthiusiast and so I had access to a darkroom ever since I was a kid. I was a music coordinator for a nationwide radio station here in New Zealand in the early 90's and particularly like ambient/chill-out music

More about Semantic Authoring

Semantic authouring opens the door to the same concept of relationship building that we see surfacing in social media, as existing within words themselves. This radical relationship within language itself was far deeper and comprehensive that we imagined at the start of the process.

My new start up Latent Semantics Ltd is now in the process of launching Semantic Author and the Semantic Thesuarus on the international stage*. To date it has only been available locally here in New Zealand as a beta test and the results are mindblowing! The final version of the CISE semantic search tool was officially signed off in 2015.

This highly targeted approach to rich content development leverages Google's recent algorithm updates and provides the tools required to fulfill the exciting concepts of semantic search as popularised by +David Amerland (and the like).

Seeing is believing When you first see a word list it's like a personal epiphany. It's hard to visualise these connections until you see them all together in a group.

If you're a writer, a web marketer or just want to write better access the Semantic Thesaurus Kitsets can provide that real edge that you've been looking for.

*If you want to get underway sooner rather than later we can provide sets for our international clients on request Bragging rights 5 children and 6 grandchildren. Happily married to Julie for 34 years.

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