Your Website: Good or Great?

Your Website: Good or Great?

Your website is the place to initiate conversation with site visitors. Randy Milanovic walks through content structure, using links to best advantage, and much, much more to maximize user experience and help search engines know your content.

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About Randy:

Principal of KAYAK Online Marketing, multi-book Author, syndicated blogger. Stage IV Cancer #survivor "What seems like the end is often the beginning." (TJ Elliott)
Randy is an author and principal of KAYAK Online Marketing. He has worked extensively with more than 400 companies and organizations just like yours. He truly understands the goals of marketing managers and businesses to generate high quality leads and build their businesses.
His online marketing books, Findability: Why Search Optimization is Dying + 21 New Rules of Content Marketing (May 2013), and Building a Better Business Website: 10 Crucial Strategies for Turning Your Online Presence Into Something Your Company Can Actually Use (Oct 2013) are both available on Amazon Kindle (12 languages) and in Paperback (English). And recently, leading the collaborative ebook: Disruption: How Successful People are Using Social for Business (June 2015).
Randy has been featured, guest blogged, or mentioned in a variety of online media, including:,,, financial,, the Calgary Herald, Rogers Connect and more.
Additionally, Randy is a "Best Thinker", contributing weekly (usually Thursdays). His articles enjoy thousands of shares on occasion (with hundreds being the norm).
Reach out to Randy via his GPlus profile or visit KAYAK's blog at today.
On a more personal note, Randy is a stage IV cancer survivor who is driven to do 'more' with this gift. In Randy's world, that means working ethically to positively improve his clients' online ROI.
Bragging rights
Soundly Beat Stage 4 Cancer, 3x Published Author



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