Your Website: Design for All Your Visitors

User Interface for Multiple Personae

Randy Milanovic of Kayak Online Marketing on the importance of reaching both influencers who research and investigate and decision makers who want the bottom line.

- Decision-Makers aren’t the only web visitors you need to convert

- Personas come in pairs; decision-maker and their influencer(s)

- Well crafted UX can satisfy both persona types on the same page

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As a guest on the panel, I was typing away when I wasn't commenting.  Here are my notes.

Designing web pages for multiple personas

Address two different types of people on the same web page

for persona pairs

higher ticket price/b2b

convince people you are the right option for them

decision makers don’t have time

time limited

don’t visit many pages on a site

mostly above the fold

executive similar

product or service impulse is the shopper - branding, price, availability

Researcher/ Influencer on the decision maker

role - does the research, does not make the decision

has more time to read more content

does look lower on the page and will consume

click for info, download, reach out

become committed to you and essentially your service or product

now they have the ability to reach out to the influencer

Design pages for both types.


Decision Maer



Above the fold

Visits minimal pages




Below the fold

Visits multiple pages multiple times

Muamar- above the fold

it used to exist

good copy/create interest/desire/action

if the site is interesting enough they will explore

Whatever fits on screen

Influencer may come back several times evens on the same day

Decision maker

often C or V-suite

not time for research

looking for big picture benefits

wants to know you are credible


Manger or Operations

research multiple solutions to a problem

look for details about how solution works to solve problem

want to know credibility and reliability

makes recommendation - needs to be confident your solution will make them look good

Persona creation tool

distinctly different intentions

How to deal with them within the website


b2b sales world - often many stakeholders involved

two-tab event

technical decision and executive decision (due diligence)

Depends on the product

process- many middle management and budget

effects performances of the business

size, complexity, external stakeholders

Persona Flow

going down the rabbit hole

Prompt Next steps for decision maker and influencers

primary concerns

find and entry point (blog or google search)

what are the key pages that will answer primary concerns

what actions will they take or do we want them to take

It isn’t until you understand the flow of the actual user experience that you see the imposed hierarchy.

Forget old fashioned sitemap and think about flow

Home - service - about -contact

transactional only, not research

in sales mode without pre-qualification



have really bought in otherwise they wouldn’t search/read more

Persona flow visualizes UX and informs link strategy

researcher does more clicking

tools for different stages

link on page- still exploring (not ready to act)

contextual navigation (sidebar)-group related content

don’t have to go far to find related information

actionable - download - CTA (people avoid banners) use square

button - tell what they get

whole image clickable but they push the button

higher intent

willing to pay with contact details

middle of the funnel

create contact - use buttons

Let’s Talk - marketing qualified

Speak to both sides of your pair on every page for success.

A more complex process

Download and tool


decision makers find the synopsis easier to deal with

structure site conceptually

concise information

800-100 words for first view

decision maker has needs met there- credibility, reliability

then elaborate

the overview of all the value

Kate -

automation tools

identify the user and change the website

atomic reach and Hemingway

what really matters and then talk to the topics

recognize search information

Leading for tracking

test language level

like to have real conversations

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