Web writing: plan and organize with verve

Three Steps: Plan Organize Words

Teodora Petkova walks through the three steps of creating text (writing) with verve. Verve is the key ingredient to communicate and co-collaborate with your future customers by initiating a dialog (conversation).

WebPromo.Expert webinar in a series for all things being on the web. The panel discussion after Teodora's presentation dives into the elements.

If you write for the web or are looking for a writer for your business this is important viewing.

I am honored to be a Guest of Honor on the panel.

Notes from the Presentation

These are raw notes taken directly during the presentation.

Planning Organizing Words


most important enter dialogue

crystal clear

simple idea to send message of

work to do enter dialogue send message

try to weave your text as if someone on the other side needs your information and spark

find new ways to send messages

find new words  both variable and bring audience

writing is not separated from business it’s about exchange

understand how to ignite the spark with the other person

connect the dots for other people

get of the meta cloud

boxes for storage e.g.

research topic keywords

products become dynamic

concept/business living their own life

get off your metaphysical cloud

give a good thought about how you are going to help find solution, spark, or food for thought


web of data

makes us more connected, more dynamic, bursting with ideas


organize around interesting topics

things that are fascinating

thinking!!!! what will bring you more attention is thinking

think about the right words which are bridges to connect you to the right audience

build unexpected bridges

create digital footprint

use words to shape digital footprint

focused and determined to transfer meaning !!!!!

the things that build your domain

Work To Do

parallel -

start with library card above blank paper

main concept


related things around category


explain in human way

writer is translator into the business’ own world

metaphors must be included

organise writing around metaphors and customer language


listening and reading

get quiet

words excitement curiosity

people need thinking

There’s no getting off the metaphysical cloud

dance, excitement


read, read, read,

sm, customer inquiries.

topical and relevant

be with your content

know the domain you are writing about

create authentic experience across the web

be curious

Aim at creating meaningful time. Respect your reader. Everything counts.


use writing for creating a findable digital footprint

like a pebble to create ripples

authentic, well-thought, respectful text

they are really coming to your thinking

the result of an exciting journey

semantic web

changing the way we work and live

interconnectedness all around us

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