Visualize Engagement - The Personalized Power of NOD3x

Wed, Sep 3, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Connect the Dots

With powerfully designed personalized search you can target influencers and prospects, create and schedule posts all in one place.

Lee Smallwood of NOD3x brings a bit of measurement, a bit of engagement, and how to control your presence online. And,  the secret of good Thai Green Curry.


0:23 Introduction: Lee Smallwood 2:52 Introduction: John Dietrich 4:23 John Dietrich and 20 member staff at NOD3x. John serves as the front of house. 5:46 Introduction to NOD3x the live infographic. 6:31 Dashboard gives a live view of what is happening and filters out information that is not relevant 8:00 Dashboard walk-through with Lee Smallwood 8:16 Use hashtag to initiate project/search 8:34 Data sources from Google+, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and news where conversations on the keyword are taking place. 8:53 Everything on NOD3x is clickable. Load posts and interact with them on NOD3x. 9:17 At the word cloud visualize the most commonly used words. 9:45 Basic sentiment analysis 60-80% accurate. 10:10 Country perspective, where people are posting about the subject. 10:28 Top posts, top hashtags, top days and top times. Plus list of influencers. 11:07 See other hashtags that are being used for semantic relationship among content. 11:50 Audience comment: use NOD3x for timing. 12:15 Important to provide as accurate information as possible. 12:53 John discusses days and times as platform specific. 13:44 Integration of scheduling posts, you can post automatically straight from NOD3x. 14:27 Type of content being shared is easily understood 15:23 Understand what people like to engage upon the most. 15:42 Audience comment. Difference between free and paid plan. 16:36 Announcement of discount code for 20% off for the audience. Code TMZ20 18:06 Audience question: Different plans and different examples of platform results. 18:41 Plans. Many plans based on your needs.Circloscope integration. 19:22 Additional data sources: twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Next week LinkedIn. Followed by Vine and Pinterest and tumblr. 20:29 Individual tailoring for individual needs. 21:38 Virtual mentor feature. Analizes searches. Analizes posts. Takes the guesswork out. Daily action plan. Suggest the best Google+ post ad. 23:49 Demonstration of different data sources. 24:10 Ability to apply filters such as sources. The dashboard refreshes. 25:50 Click through to profile to get profile summary. 26:47 Specific reflection on each social network. 27:25 Question from audience. Details about various plans. 27:58 Currently revising landing pages for each offering. 28:51 Unable to share from Instagram yet. 29:27 Audience commeent. Like the flexibility. 29:59 Thai green curry secrets. Recipe fish sauce, fresh coriander and basil pesto. 31:57 Question from audience. Benefits for individuals who are not in marketing. 32:31 Good for connecting you with other people who share similar interests. 33:02 Non-business uses such as research, hobbies, photography. See what's trending. Or your own personal blog. 34:19 Posts in other languages show up as well. 34:55 Semantic relationship and hashtags provide the ways to find posts in other languages. 36:29 Next week's guest Mani St.Victor. *Hashtag: #MWZ * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show.

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