The Future Now - Eric Enge

The Future Now with Eric Enge

Eric Enge, of  Stone Temple Consulting, is respected in digital marketing for his intensive research and the conclusions he draws and recommendations he makes from the research. What can you do to bring your marketing current and what can you do now to prepare for the ongoing changes in the world of search? 

Eric joins the Midweek Zap to talk about


Machine learning and Google

User experience and SEO


About Eric:


Holistic Internet Marketing Optimization


Digital Marketing Excellence


CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, Author Art of SEO, Speaker at dozens of conferences per year, Contributor to ForbesSearch Engine LandMarketing LandSearch Engine WatchCopyblogger, and Social Media Today. Host of two live video broadcasts every week: The Digital Marketing Excellence Show and The Digital Marketing Answers Show.

Bragging rights

1984 World Foosball Champion, Have Run the Boston Marathon 3 Times


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