Sunday Side - Google+ Notes and Tips


Quick Tip

The notification bell, often called Mr. Jingles, can give you an overwhelming list of post notices. On a computer you need to check and delete each notice one by one. If you have a mobile device (mine is a mobile phone/tablet) go to Google+ you can speed up the process of sorting through notifications.

I used to spend hours clicking those notifications one by one.

Instead of clicking each notice, you can quickly swipe away each notice on the mobile device.

I go through the notifications while listening to an audio book. I swipe all the notices which require no response and leave notices that need a lengthy response. It is time consuming to try to write one, two or three paragraph responses on the phone.

When I return to my computer, those notices I want to reply to are at the top. I can go through and respond using my keyboard to engage and interact with those contacts.

This simple sort has saved me hours of time.

Time better spent interacting (engaging) with others.

Interaction Counts

If you are new to Google+, interaction counts more than posts. However many followers you have, one major key to getting noticed by Google is to interact and interact consistently.

As you continue to interact with people in your niche both influencers and your target market.

Interact More Than You Post

Interaction is more than a +l. Comment.

And...when you comment, ask questions so that you begin a dialogue.

Your aim is to get a conversation going. The more you converse (engage) the more Google notices you.

You don't need twenty posts a day. One good one is enough.

The more you comment, the more Google sees you.

Your comments have the power to build your Google recognition.

Here's to your success!

Zara Altair





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