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A Good Way Find Your Target Market

The best way to develop relationships on Google+ is to start conversations with people.

You can search hashtags (#Your Target Market) to find interesting posts by people who may be your prospects.

You can find a treasure trove of people by exploring Google+ Communities.

On the left of your profile go to Communities.

Click on Communities.

At the top of the Communities page you'll find to tabs: All Communities and Recommended For You.

Go to Recommended For You.

Find a community that is likely to involve members of your target market.

Click on the community to investigate.

On the left column of the community description you'll see Members.

Click on See All.


Members See All

Now you can go through members, check out their about page, and start engaging.

Best Way to Start a Conversation

Create a circle. Give the circle an appropriate name like Potential Prospects. Set the circle notification to On and More.

Start +1 and commenting on their posts...just the way you start with anyone else.

Follow and interact with your potential prospects for a week to ten days. If you create a relationship move them to your Prospect circle.

If someone is not responsive or your personalities just don't gel, remove them from the Potential Prospects circle.


If you continue to mine members of communities who are in your target market, you'll discover and endless stream of potential new business relationships.

Quick Search Tips Using Google

Need a quick fact or quote? Want to find it quickly with a Google search?

James Reynolds created a great infographic this week to help you quickly find information on Google. Google Search Infographics


Here's to your success!

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