Strategy Intensive!

Strategy Intensive with Jason T. Wiser

Jan 28, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

+Jason T. Wiser  is a business builder. Strategy is the overview that touches every part of implementation. Where do you start? How do you outsource? Why is the big red button key?


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0:27   introduction
2:03 Business strategy and marketing strategy: marketing is a subset of business strategy
2:24 Conversation with   about Specialist vs. Generalist
3:53 Everybody is in a different place in their business. When Jason started his business he didn’t realise he even had a business. What he had was a passion for being social.
4:37 Once he did start making products he had an audience.
4:46 Indie author example - build audience
4:56 Widget production example - create widgets, know what your products and services are, then build online presence
5:19 Key pieces of business strategy
5:59 Exit Strategy: Three types of business
7:35 In five years, what can I do to remove myself from the business?
10:11 Comment   Passion is the key to success.
10:23 Comment   If you build they will come!
10:40   Link to Specialist vs. Generalist
10:55 Comment   That’s what we call a good, old-fashioned Jason Wiser firehose rant! And that is what we love about Jason Wiser!
11:22 Question   What if your exit strategy is to have your company giving you residual income with me removed?
11:31 That’s exactly it. That’s one exit strategy.
12:13 They’re buying the system.
12:44 No matter where you are in your business, ask yourself, What can I do that will help generate residual income over time?
14:00 Comment   I agree, plan before you spend money/time/effort on “Marketing.”
14:13 The time when you can invest time into marketing. But, how *much* time?
14:30 Spend time on Social Media without building business, you have no where to grow!
15:14 Learn about marketing as you go.
15:25 Know enough about it to hire the right person.
16:14 Methods of identifying outsourcing.
16:48 What you need is a client to work on.
17:46 Comment   We always need an exit strategy even for life.
18:03 What happens to your business, your clients, your colleagues, your employees?
18:40 Comment   Yes! We need balance in ourselves to maintain a good Bank Balance.
19:12 The big overarching concept. People try to overcomplicate.
19:20 The secret to having a successful business: Why?
22:00 Comment   I’m going to watch this show over and over again…great information for anyone…
22:22 In today’s economy the web is a currency of its own.
22:55 People are on social for two reasons: 1.) have fun and be social. 2.) we want to make some money.
23:40 I can live in two places: online and offline.
23:55 What I’m doing online has to translate to providing for offline.
24:34 Comment   : Japanese Philosopy - Improvement - constant and never-ending. It’s called “Kaizen.”
26:02 *Social Warfare plugin*. Supercharge social so that you construct the way your followers share your content.
28:47 Social Warfare loads quickly. Does not slow down page load.
30:19 Jason’s favorite rant: the notion that you have to be (fill in the blank)
30:45 Comment   Knowledge graph now displaying of social profiles for big brands…there are plans for it to roll out to everyone…
31:23 Why? Why do I have to be?
31:48 Local…go to First be there.
33:19 Cost of Social Warfare: $24.
33:28 Going to a subscription model in the future.
35:35 Jason special offer to audience! Buy Social Warfare from the show in the next hour, set up a 30-minute consulting with Jason!

About Jason:

Tagline Digital Business Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Advanced Wordpress Development | Marketing Introduction Host of On Track Tips weekly interview series, helping your small business one expert at a time.

CEO of Wiser Sites LLC, a general contracting agency for small business online marketing.

We manage your project in 5 phases. Design, Development, Optimization, Marketing, and Maintenance. We start with your resources, time and budget, and together we develop a plan of action to get your products and services to market.

We have in house development and marketing teams and we work closely with vetted vendors for design, ads management, and SEO. Our job is to save you time and headache so you don't have to find and coordinate several vendors.

Call Jason today and set up a time to discuss your Small Business 231-432-8177

We specialize in custom Wordpress themes and plugins, online marketing, and hosting. We will help you get your digital assets working together.

Q: What is meant by "digital assets"?

A: Your digital assets include your website, your social media profiles and pages, your email marketing, your SEO, your local business directory listings, your video, your podcasts, and more. Think of every online touchpoint and front facing presentation of your company.

We collaborate with industry leaders and vetted vendors to develop a solution that is custom tailored to meet your specific business goals.

We are not a "handy-man" or "jack-of-all-trades" operation. We are strategy consultants, and we are committed to orchestrating the best team of partners to meet your marketing and sales objectives.

Sometimes, you just need to know where to START Oh, and did I mention my wife and sons? We aremissionaries serving alongside the Roma Gypsy communities of Ukraine. Excitedly embracing the privilege to "Go ye therefore" in the name of Jesus Christ. Bragging rights Had dinner at the Mayor's house in Kyiv, Ukraine as a Non-profit rep. to OSCE-PA. I saw the Broadway version of Les Miserables live 34 times the winter of 1990.

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