Are you a Static-tician?

What does being static mean?


: showing little or no change, action, or progress

: unwanted noise caused in a radio or television receiver by electricity or by conditions in the atmosphere

How to Create Action on Google+

When you are new to Google+ you may be familiar with social platforms  (FaceBook, twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) where you post and wait for responses.

To use Google+ effectively you need to interact. In the Google world interaction is called engagement. Spend the first few weeks finding other people and interact. Don't just plus one (click the +1 button) a post you like. Comment below, tell that person why you like the post. That's engagement.

If you want to follow that person because you find you generally like what they post, add them to one of your circles. They will get a notice that you followed them. They won't know the name of your circle, just that you followed them. That's engagement.

And, if they like what you post, they will follow you back. That's engagement.

When someone follows you, connect with them and thank them. That's engagement.

When someone comments on your post, reply to them by plus mentioning them by name (+their name) in the comment stream and thanking them. Commenting on their comment is even better. That's engagement.

Soon you'll discover that another person enters into the conversation. You don't even know who they are. It's another opportunity to circle someone if their comment resonates with who you are. That's engagement.

Keep building and building your Google+ presence by interacting with others.

Static Does Not Work on Google+

If you post the same image--say your product--10 times in five minutes, that's static. 

Nothing happens.

If you do that again in 20 minutes, the same 10 posts, that's just more static.

First, not only will people ignore all of those posts because there are too many, Google hates spam. Google really hates spam. You could have your account closed.

Second, it's unwanted noise.

If you get a reputation for just making noise, you will be ignored.

One post written in your own words (not company hype) about what you like about your product and how it will solve a problem for others will have much more power.

In the same post you can ask for comments and questions to generate interest in your product.

Then, when people comment and question, respond to each comment by plus mentioning (+their name) them and responding specifically to their question or comment. If there are two questions and one comment you've just created three comments and engagement with three people.

That's how engagement works.

Soon you'll find you have a circle of friends, colleagues, and prospects who pay attention.

It takes time

But, it's worth it! You will find and engage with more and more people. People will find you. People with plus mention (+your name) you in their posts. People will sign up for your newsletter/email list. People will buy your product.

Want to practice? Google me.  Comment on one of my posts. If you like the tips and posts, add me to your circle.

Here's to your success!

Zara Altair

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