Tips for Social Media Brand Awareness

The Black & White of Brand Awareness on Social Media

Your identity is what you put out on social media, but not just what you post. Your responses (engagement) with people who react to your posts are also part of building your brand identity.

David Amerland,semantic web author and speaker, talks about the means and the method to build brand awareness on social media.

Content Creation and Identity in Social Media

This message is core to understanding how individuals and businesses can use social media strategically to build awareness on the web. The essence is to tell your story bit by bit so a picture of you--what people see--emerges within the body of what you post. Tell the story of you in an ongoing narrative.

Best Said in David Amerland's Words

Time stamped transcript:

0:05 When it comes to social media, we have essentially the same problems in the online world as we have in the offline one, which is essentially: how do you stand out

how do you stand out?

how do you connect with people?

How do you discern:

what’s real?

what’s authentic?

what is valuable?

How do you create relationships?

How do you then differentiate those relationships into




and temporary?

0:26 There is a tip, of course, which I am going to give you which will help you with this. And, it comes down to this:

The Tip

0:034 If you are creating content on social media, in order to be sustainable content, in order to be of value; in order to be the kind of content that creates the touchpoint that allows you to do all those things that I’ve mentioned, you just need to think of it in the terms of the narrative of your identity.

Ongoing Narrative

0:53 Essentially the content you create in whatever medium, in whatever context, in whatever timeframe, has to be part of an ongoing narrative which essentially reflects the journey of your own identity—the things which you find interesting, the way you feel that content can then project that into the world.

1:13 What is interesting always is that when it comes to making contact with people, it’s not really what they say or how they say it. These things are a little bit important, but it is essentially what they see.

1:26 We are interested in connecting with their thoughts, ideas, their brains and gaining a different perspective.

1:36 The only way we can do this by basically… when you create content, you project your own mental journey into the ever evolving story of who you are and what you find important.

1:47 That will help you find an audience. It will help your audience understand who you are, what you do, and why it is of value.

1:57 It works at the individual level as much as it works at the brand level. And that’s it.

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