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Wed, Apr 15, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM


Peter Hatherley, creator of CISE (Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine) explains how the tool is your Semantic Fame Generator. Whether you are looking for words for more creative content or want to use the semantically related words that CISE finds to boost your web presence, either way you are a winner.

What does kerfuffle have to do with help? Bring your understanding to the table.+Peter Hatherley   , the word minstrel, is back. CISE-The Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine is up and running. Learn how CISE can improve your web presence.

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About CISE:

CISE© The Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine Simply choose any one or two word query in the English language and click search.

This will isolate the Top 100 conceptual matches for that subject separated out into positive, thematic and negative mirrors.

What are ‘positives’? These are algorithmically generated words and phrases that generate better more productive behaviour. These perceived positives tend to manifest as positive seed thoughts, wise sayings or triggers

What are ‘thematics’? The thematic patterns cover a wide range of related words and phrases including qualifiers, abstractions and specific elements that can provide you with storylines, silo structures and standard SEO keyword combos .

What are ‘negatives’? Negatives isolate behaviours and objections that we generally consider unproductive or destructive. These are connected entirely through the use of algorithmic patterns.

UTILISING THE CISE© RESULTS How can I select words from the results? You can select any words or phrase with a single tap. A second click will deselect it. To deselect multiple selections simply click the X icon

Can I copy and paste certain words? Copy any selected words or phrases by clicking the paperclip icon and then simply paste your collected words into your chosen application.

Please note: This feature in not available on IOS at this time

Can I save to favourites? Simply click the star icon to save any search result to your favourites.

As CISE© is a paid search we suggest that you should save all your searches as there is no additional charge for searching these words or phrases at a later date

Where do I view my favourites? Simply click the folder icon to access your saved favourites. You can return to the search prompt by clicking the search icon.

Is registration for CISE© Free? Yes and what’s more we also throw in three (3) complimentary searches when you register which can be saved and revisited later.

You can register immediately log in through Facebook or Google+ or fill out our simple registration form

How do I purchase more searches? The icon to the left of the search box provides immediate access to top up your searches. You can only top-up if you see a locked icon. If it is unlocked you still have searches left to be used.

The top up packages available are:

• 20 searches for $49 • 50 searches for $99 • 125 searches for $199

The on/off icon to the right of the search box allows you to log out

What do you mean by semantic fusion? The secret to getting the most out of CISE© is to isolate matching concepts within the result set. We call these connections semantic fusions.

In real terms these seed fusions are the source of potential entities that can be picked up by the search engines especially if you utilise JSON LD or Schema.

How do I use CISE© for on-page semantic optimisation? All of the words and phrases found in the CISE© result sets are linguistically connected This means Google and other major engines who have invested in semantic search will recognise these connections as being intrinsically connected.

This relevancy allows you to create semantic density at unprecedented levels

By crafting creative queries related to your topic you can substantially increase your word reach with CISE© Even though it appears like a standard search engine it specifically selects highly connected words and phrases through algorithmically connected linguistic patterns.

So queries like web design, website design and web developers or development will create additional connections simply beccause the pattern has been extended

If you start with standard keywords and then expand it into more specific queries you can become skilled in utilising CISE© for your optimisation and authoring projects.

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