Restore: The Final Frontier

WordPress Restoration is Not Simple


Wed, Jul 2, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

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Mark Pierce, internet security consultant,  back for more very strategic advice on backing up.  The bottom line of back up is...are you able to restore your site? Back up without restoration is like filing a piece of paper in the wrong folder. It just doesn't work when you need it.

0:49 introduction Mark Pierce 1:49 today's talk applies to self-hosted WordPress sites 2:12 pitfalls of shared hosting for backups 3:54 anyone is capable of capturing their own backup; technical intermediate level is necessary for restoring 5:55 restoration and/or migration takes an intermediate level of technical knowledge 7:29 how to choose a backup plugin 9:33 research the developer 9:49 has video training 11:16 what can go wrong when restoring from backup 12:17 corrupt data 12:27 reasons why restore can stall 12:46 difference between full backup and data base only 13:24 restore time-out 13:40 limitations of shared hosting company 14:19 sharing resources on the same server 14:39 script limitations 15:02 time-out limitations 15:52 nothing a user can do to overcome shared hosting limitations 17:02 benefits of a site assessment; a one-time service 22:02 impossible to guarantee that restore or migrate a site 24:33 most backup services do not tell you about restoration problems that can come up 24:49 gurantee includes small print that says restrictions may apply; contact your hosting service 28:09 have backup for your backup 28:19 perform a full manual backup with an ftp (file transfer protocol) 29:12 WordPress managed hosting: WP Engine 30:19 WP Engine restricts plugins, backup solutions, and security options 32:00 research dedicated server providers

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