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Pro. Professional. You make money with your business. Join +Stephan Hovnanian, author of the Google Pro Tips series, as he shares ways to monetize your business on Google+ by strategically using the tools Google has in place.

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Check in at the topic that meets your need right now. 0:47 Introduction - why Google+ the ability to really be human 2:24 How Stephan gravitates to Google+ 3:04 Why you would want to have a how to 5:00 Strategy on Google+ and why you want to use it 5:34 How does your audience respond to you talking about what you know 7:38 Stephan's books - Google+ Pro Tips 8:27 Ben Fisher and Steady Demand 10:00 The #1 thing - know what you are doing 11:00 Be in a position to fill all the client requests 11:31 Fear of scalability holds business owners back 12:00 Be present in order to build authority 12:32 If nobody sees your post it doesn't mean anything 12:12 Benefit of Google post ads 15:03 If you want people to notice you, you need to do something 15:57 Q What percent of business action is on Google+ 15:59 Evaluate the Return on Investment for each platform 16:23 The quantification challenge of social media 17:54 Look at social as a branding campaign 18:18 LinkedIn offers opportunity 18:41 Q Post ads: can they only be done with business page 18:59 Post ads are possible with profiles 19:11 Reasons to have both profile and business page 20:42 Google+ takes time, keep going with building your profile if you are just starting 22:00 Q What tools would be the best to drive traffic 22:11 Whatever tools work best for you 22:28 Tools Stephan uses 23:08 Use of curation tools like Triberr 23:25 People must know who you are and trust you before they click through 23:48 Tip for posting links 24:24 Don't take people off the app, keep them there to read and engage 25:23 People buy from people 26:23 Google groups and communities build relationships 27:05 End goal should be to have a relationship one-on-one 27:07 Use of tags and shortened URLs 28:18 Q Many business use G+ in a dysfunctional manner; how to manage time? 29:03 Stephan's personal sales style 30:53 Steady Demand brand page audit tool helps connect your page with Google+

About Stephan: Google Plus Training If you need the expertise of not only an experienced, active Google Plus user, but also someone who understands marketing and web strategy, consider hiring me for some hands-on personal Google Plus training.

I am also the author of the Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks, available on Kindle. You should check these out if you want to ramp up your Google+ return on investment.

Need something free? Download my Google+ Profile Optimization Checklist Free Google+ Marketing Tips & Strategies on Pinterest Getting started on G+? These two circles might help: Conversation Hosts (no more "ghost town" references!) Google+ Starter Circle (people and resources who know G+) Also be sure to watch Google+ Business Spotlight, my weekly Hangout on Air show (Wednesdays, 12:30pm ET) that talks about how real businesses are using Google+. Follow +GPLUSSPOTLIGHT Join our email list and catch up with previous episodes Best tips I can give you for Google Plus (that I've written):

Personal Branding with your Google+ Hovercard How to search on Google Plus 36 ways to use Google+ for buisness, personal and 2014 Google Plus Brand Page strategies Balancing Google+ Page vs. Profile 10 Visibility Tips for Personal Branding (on Daily Google+ To-Do List (on MarketingProfs) Best tips I can give you for Google Plus (that others have written): Circle Stream Management (by Mark Traphagen) 50 things to do on Google Plus (by Rick Eliason) How to merge Google+ Pages (by Mike Blumenthal) About me: I own Shovi Websites, a website design and email marketing company located outside Boston. The company has been in business since 2000. We build custom websites, semi-custom WordPress sites, provide hosting, website management, and email marketing services. Our target client is the small firm who realizes the importance of a solid online presence, but doesn't have the experience or in-house staff to handle the day-to-day.

Our mission is to provide tools and experience to small businesses and organizations otherwise accessible only to big-budget firms that can hire agencies. But if you are working with an agency, we can make sure their efforts are translated properly to your online presence.

In other words, I leverage the fact that I spend my days managing websites and staying up to speed with all the latest trends across the web so you don't have to.

Once I've digested what's out there, I'll relay it to you in a way that works more appropriately for your particular situation, your goals, and yes, your limitations.

Because at the end of the day, I believe your website is the most important part of your company's digital presence, and it needs to be performing at as high a level as possible. We help you do that while you run your business.


You'll want to put me in circles that relate to Google Plus tips & techniques online, email and/or social marketing business and entrepreneurship. website design & development (including mobile)

What I will share here on Google Plus: Google Plus strategies, tips and techniques Good email marketing content from people who know what they're talking about. Microbusiness challenges when it comes to making the most of their web presence. News about me or my company. The occasional personal quip or observation.

Bragging rights I'm the favorite son, right Mom?

+Zara Altair helps small business people with Google presence. .

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Host +Zara Altair helps online marketers new to Google+ get started on the right path to build their business using the tools Google already has in place.

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