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Product Description 

SERPstat is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that correlates keywords among websites to provide powerful results to monitor web page performance.

  • Pricing Four tiers from free to professional with discounts for 3-year purchase.
  • Deployment Cloud, Mobile
  • Platforms cloud-based access for any device
  • Organization Types Freelancer/Solo Operation, Large Enterprise, Non Profit, Public Administration, Small Business, Mid-size Business
  • Number of Employees 1- 5000+      

Product Profile

SERPstat is a powerful tool based on keyword research. The system uses proprietary algorithms to enable users with:

  • keyword research
  • search analytics
  • advertising analysis
  • content marketing ideation
  • competitor research
  • rank tracking
  • market intelligence
  • on page audits

The tool generates reports and infographics allow search optimization specialists to create white label information for clients in easily read formats.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the strong foundation of SERPstat. Collect competitor and industry leader keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) campaigns based on the strong results of your competitors.

If you have an idea for a keyword or a set of keywords you can determine their value by comparing them to different indicators such as search volume, cost-per-click, competition level or number of search results.

Discover variations to expand the semantic core of text content enriching your content with tested variations. High-quality, relevant content will help raise your domain and targeted pages in search results. SERPstat will help you determine the relevance of each page compared to competing sites.

Use the power of long-tail keywords by discovering them in SERPstat and using them to drive traffic from queries targeted to your solution.

Analyze keyword trends to plan for seasonal and trending advertising.

In addition, you can delve into the full list of search results of a keyword to see what pages and where on Facebook along with the potential traffic score for each page.

Adapt keywords to international traffic by identifying the keywords used in languages included in SERPstat’s database.

Search Analytics

Find the keywords that place your competitors as leaders in search. Perform competitor landscape analysis with SERPstat filters to identify competitors and understand their strengths and weaknesses to fortify your site’s search results.

SERPstat’s proprietary algorithms identify competitors. Displayed in graph form you can easily visualize competitive performance. You can see your competitor's rankings in the top 100 Google search results.

Compare the visibility of your site and your competitor’s to monitor traffic drops and visibility changes. Discover trending and the most popular pages for your site and your competitors. You can monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of keyword management on your site.

Track and monitor universal site content for visuals, videos, news. Find out what site visitors really notice.

Advertising Analyses

SERPstat PPC, advertising, pay per click keywords

SERPstat provides powerful research for conducting pay per click (PPC) campaigns. Research competitor advertising to discover results that will increase the return on investment (ROI) on your business advertising.

Not only can you discover relevant rivals and keywords you have in common, but you can find keywords in successful competitor campaigns that you are not currently using.

Get an edge on what your competitor is doing overall in advertising by discovering budgets, keywords and ads, ads’ positions in search results, cost-per-click in AdWords and keyword competition. This data can help you plan effective and cost-efficient campaigns.

Business that does global advertising can adapt to country specific ads knowing the best keywords for localization.

Content Marketing Ideation

Content creators can effectively use SERPstat to incorporate keywords in text directly targeted to search queries. The tool provides a suggestion database for related keywords to incorporate into text to develop relevant content based on user search.

Track how content is shared on Facebook to understand the popularity of different content pieces.

SERPstat provides important data on traffic volume for every page allowing the business to promote the most relevant pages which are likely to create the best return on investment (ROI). On the other hand, the same data indicates which pages need improvement for search optimization. And, SERPstat can provide the most powerful related keywords to improve page ranking.

Overall SERPstat is a powerful tool to monitor the direction of your content marketing.

Competitor Research

serpstat competitor research, competitor keywords

Position your business against the competition by using SERPstat’s competitor research.

Start by entering your domain name and SERPstat automatically identifies your top competitors. Then use the domain vs. domain comparison to identify your strengths and weaknesses compared to rival businesses. View side-by-side comparison of organic and paid search results.

Use your competitor’s high visibility scores to discover where you can improve your business website with pertinent but overlooked keywords.

Research keywords by constructing a batch analysis of up to 200 domains. Discover the SEO and PPC results for a wide variety of competitors to fine-tune your keyword usage for your website. Then visualize your results with charts.

SERPstat marketing_3a

Rank Tracking (available August 1, 2016)


Serpstat has developed the ultimate algorithm that analyzes SERPs and saves data about top-100 domains for every keyword to enable you to get the top results for your selected keywords.

Get global intelligence for any city, country, or language. Discover how your keywords rank on Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, and Google.

Track an unlimited number of keywords on a daily basis while keeping track of competitor performance.

Power up your relational context by tracking groups of phrases and explore competitors in a specific narrow niche like ‘phone’ or ‘shoes.’

Market Intelligence


Discover market leaders around the world and tap into their success. Base your search or regional or global data to improve ranking. Research leaders in a particular field, track their success, and learn what tactics and keyword groupings get them to the top. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge and strategic use of keywords and word groupings you can improve your overall ranking.

On Page Audit (available August 1, 2016)


Perform an instant in-depth analysis of web pages and address multiple ranking factors. You will discover how efficient separate pages of your website are. Adjust poorly performing pages by using SERPstat tools improve their ranking.


  • Discover gaps and fix them
  • Find and fix on-site and off-site issues
  • Improve domain crawl rate

Discover the issues that can have a negative effect on your website and fix them.

  • Title length and meta tag description relevance
  • Correctness and presence of <h1>...<h6> headings
  • Duplicate content
  • Links verification
  • Correct interlinking verification
  • Robots.txt settings
  • Missing pages
  • Creation or correction of sitemap (page nesting level)
  • Image problems
  • Presence of "display:none" hidden content and frames

Determine these and other issues with SERPstat’s powerful page analytics to eliminate negative effects on website ranking.

Reports and Infographics


Log in to your dashboard to view essential information on your projects and query history all in one place. Track campaign progress and add new campaigns.

Use charts and diagrams to easily visualize complex information. Add the graphics to client reports so they easily understand what is happening with their website.

Set up and receive email alerts for domain and keyword position changes. Know which campaigns are working and which need adjustments.

SERPstat allows you to share your projects and results with team members, clients, and outsourced personnel. Give them their own login. In addition, you can create white label reports for clients to use with your company logo and theme.


SERPstat uses powerful proprietary algorithms to dive deep into data to provide keyword analysis, competitor analysis, plus monitoring of your site as well as your competitors.

Small businesses may find that their website is not discoverable in SERPstat or that the tool is unable to discover any competitors. To use the power of the tool, small business users need to familiarize themselves with the filters in order to create a database that works for their discoverability. In other words, you may need to know some of your competitors before you can put the tool to work in a way that is efficient for your business. For example, I looked up my websites and SERPstat was unable to provide any competitors without filters.

Also, because the algorithms are keyword based, sometimes the competitor list may be skewed from what your business really does. Once again, you’ll need to apply filters. For instance, the top competitor for davidamerland.com was a link shortening website.

Filters are easy to implement tailored to your preferences.

SERPstat graph key


Changes and Additions

On August 1, 2016, SERPstat is making some major changes. The tool will constitute an all-in-one SEO platform and will include  

  • Search Analytics
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • SEO audit

The pricing structure will introduce four plans to tailor to your business needs. The basic plan will $19 a month.

Now is a good time to explore the features by signing up to the free plan. Schedule an introductory demo to learn more about how to use the tool for your individual business.


SERPstat provides an easy to use yet powerful data research tool for website analysis, competitor tracking, keyword and word group analysis with international country and language specifics to help SEO practitioners, website managers, content creators, and other industry professionals monitor results to improve web page performance in search.

To fine-tune the application for your business use you may need to spend time learning how to apply the right filters and adjust the core searches to fit your business needs. Schedule an introductory demonstration to tailor your dashboard from the beginning. Support is available with online chat, by phone and through Skype.

SERPstat’s API feeds daily rankings, competitor analysis, as well as position-tracking and keyword-research data right into your own reporting systems.

Reporting and infographics facilitate communication with clients with easy to understand visualizations.

SERPstat is a truly powerful tool.

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