Non-Tech NOD3x

Non-Tech NOD3x

Feb 11, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

NOD3x is back!  You wanted more. What you can do with the tool and why you can fine tune your web presence. +kara wood  social media producer and moderator of the +NOD3x community, walks through the tool from a marketer’s perspective.

0:40 Introduction +kara wood 1:31 Tool for researching social media influencers and sentiment 4:22 Introductory videos 5:08 Free version for Google+ users: measure and analyse data 5:46 Comment +Deborah Rock : The only dumb question, is the question not asked! 6:56 Determine project name, limit number of hashtags for each project and a different project name for each hashtag 9:03 Screenshare of dashboard 11:30 Live feed module 12:31 Comment +William Rock :  HANDS up, I am NEW with the Tool even though I have been following the tool since #2012 and I am so looking forward to the simpleness of the Tool. 12:54 The Word Cloud. Use as keyword tool. See what competitors use. 14:02 NOD3x can take up to 24 hours to create project 16:39 Reverse engineer words used by others to create your own word list 18:29 The Influencer Module: Connect directly to +1 and comment. 19:23 The 30 day challenge to engage with one influencer per day 20:30 Question +Sheila Hensley : Nodes in relations - tell me which colors represent each engagement again please - comments, +1s, shares. 23:39 When running a NOD3x project, turn off everything else. 23:30 Turn off Chrome extensions to increase bandwidth. 25:05 +John Dietrich  illustrates Relations Graph. Run engagement update and profile update to see the nodes. 26:04 Blue nodes represent original posts. Other colors represent activity on the posts. Green = reshare. 28:24 Click on node to bring up original post. +1 or comment directly. 27:00 Purple = comments. Orange = +1s. 29:35 Comment +Peter Hatherley : I’ve tended to use it for more general  search but I can see with a little bit of work this could be really interesting. 31:28 Can search with either Profile or Business Page. Helps to build engagement for the Business Page. 32:00 Benchmark what competitors and influencers are doing. 33:08 Top Posts Module. Good place for beginner. 34:25 Comment +Deborah Rock: I liked NOD3x ability to track YouTube videos. When clients have  HOAs I am able to track the shares much further than the normal Google tool. 35:42 Demonstration of the Node Graph. 36:44 Ability to exclude certain profiles or hashtags from the search from project settings. 38:06 Question +Molly Youngblood Geiger   What if you post to a private community, do those get tracked as well? 38:11 No. Only posts from public communities. 38:55 Come to the NOD3x Community to get questions answered.*Hashtag: #MWZlive * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show.

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NOD3x Social Media Analytics and Topic Influencer Identification Introduction Data Discovery: data mining and social network analysis Understanding and growing with your audience is all about discovery, many call this data mining or social network analysis, but we call this data discovery. NOD3x collects content related to specific keywords and hashtags you view as relevant to your niche.

Identify Influencers & Engagers NOD3x will help you quickly identify influencers and key engagers within your chosen niche. Our algorithms take care of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to engage the right people. Being active with influencers and key engagers helps extend your reach, build your influence and become valued within your relevant communities.

Detailed Topic Discussion Insights Use NOD3x to discover key elements within your niche. These elements include: which hashtags will bring you the most engagement, which days and times of the week your content will see the most activity, and what words people are using most when discussing your specific topic. Having topically relevant information will dramatically improve the speed you achieve your goals.

Real-Time Infographics Each component of the NOD3x platform is designed to provide real-time infographic information. With up to the minute graphical representations of your information, you will be able to respond effectively to expanding networks. We take your complex data, turn it into understandable visual representations and we do this in real time because the conversation is happening right now.

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