What's Your Worth? Business finance.

Wednesday , July 23, Noon PT/ 3 PM ET YouTube Sims

What's Your Worth

Finance consultant +Stephanie Sims brings her investment banker experience to business. She has developed a tool Finance-Ability to help business owners know their worth.

If you don't know how to think about creating a business plan or even a budget for your business, this is a do not miss event.

She’ll be answering questions and giving tips on getting building your business financial knowledge.

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About Stephanie:

Recovering investment banker, champion of business owners, lover of the written word, wife of a Frenchman, mom of three
As a small business owner, you probably don't want to hear about finance until you absolutely have to.

Do any one of these sound like you?

You’re wondering what you need to do to get your business off the ground, but you need information about funding your business that you can understand without a 500-page dictionary that makes your eyes cross.


You know that you’ll need some additional capital soon for your growing business, and since you’re not thrilled about asking for a loan, there’s no way you want a banker to think you’re a sucker. But where can you get objective info about your options?


You’ve stuck it out and worked hard, gotten your business profitable and are ready to reap the rewards. But everyone has a different idea of how to sell your business, and you’re beginning to wonder if you’ll be able to get anything at all out of your years of hard work.  

In each case, you’re hitting a roadblock. And when it comes to your money and your future, that’s not a great way to get where you want to go.

So how can I help?

I’ve created a unique way to measure the value of your business, which I callFinance-Ability. The current measures of value talk strictly about dollars, and more dollar value always means more value – which doesn’t exactly favor the small business owner.

Finance-Ability works whether you're a hometown pizzeria or a fast-growing international software company. It measures your value not against other companies, but against your own potential. Instead of putting a price on your business, it measures how well you:

- Identify and understand the Abilities you already have that create value within your company,
- Expand your Abilities to add value in areas you might not have anticipated, and
- Describe your value (Abilities) to those who will compensate you for it in a way that they will understand.

When you can do these three things, you hold the key to getting the dollars that you need to grow your business or retire comfortably. Because once you know your value, understand how to expand it, and are able to explain it to others, you're in control of the discussions about financing, not the other way around!

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