Midweek Zap - Virtual Visit

Sep 16, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Business images and brand awareness. The power of images to build trust in local search.+John M Lynch  of +360 Agency on the engagement power of business visual images and how they augment your search results. Bring your first-time visitors into your business.

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About John: Tagline Google Trusted Photographer and Top producer for the Google Business View Programme. Local Search Exponant. Photographer. Father. Husband. Son. Friend. Opinionated! Introduction Have you ever done a search for a business and been presented with a big colourful button saying "See Inside"?  Well that is what we do.

Why would would a business want this?  Google Maps Business View correlates with higher SERPs

And also: This feature is an engagement tool.  Your new customers are hungry for information about your business to give them confidence that they are making the right decision.  There can be no better confirmation then actually visiting the places and making their own mind up through direct experience.  BUT the next best thing is to be able to virtually visit the business; that coupled with reviews and accurate information about your business really helps your new customer be decisive and it helps you win your new today that will be your loyal customers of tomorrow.

Have a look at www.thisis360.com for more information.

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