Midweek Zap - Livestream Versatility

How to Use Livestream: Which App?

Sep 9, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Explore livestream possibilities with +Johan Claeys  of +A Pair Of Wings . Hangouts, Crowdcast, Blab and more offer various live ways to communicate, ways to use livestream for your marketing message and engagement. Pros and cons of lifestream vehicles. This will be a lively discussion.

Come share your experiences. Post your comments and questions now.


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About Johan: Tagline I want to help people 'Care and Remember' Introduction Super to meet you here on Google+ … Thank you for that !

Professional experience

Johan worked 4 years (till 2014) for a Google Partner evangelising the new ways of working through Google’s cloud based collaboration and productivity boosting technology. Organised and led multiple training sessions, seminars and workshops. Founded Apairofwings in 2014 with the purpose to combine these experiences with self-powered digital marketing solutions.  Today solely focused on helping setup homebase WebSite(s), digital channels and livestream portals.

How am I ? What do I love?

Open minded, loyal, enthusiastic and an active self-learner. Always in for trying out new things. During free time, you will find him cooking for friends, going to concerts or cycle racing. Not to mention the quality time with his grownup kids and family.

What is my passion?

Loving to discover the wonder-world of newest digital marketing solutions. You can look at me more as a facilitator with a great understanding on how to strategise your digital marketing efforts with combined Google (Sites) solutions. The kind of person who has been working in the trenches and is practising what he preaches.

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Johan's dreams ?

How would a world look like if you could go anywhere you please while having your complete business on hand through any internet connected device. A better place ? Are you dreaming of working the way you live? I am…. !

Checkout apairofwings.com and get yourself seated to find out more.

P.M. me

You can send me a private message to contact me.  How? By making a share in your stream and putting Johan Claeys as solely person to notify.

Bragging rights Two marvellous kids !

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