Midweek Zap - Create Time

Create Time with Ben Moskalensky

Jun 24, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Get creative and inspired with +Ben Moskalensky. He spends his time on Google+ playing with photography, creating polls, and just having a darn good time. He’ll share some photography tips and how he engages with polls. Since he is self-proclaimed insane get ready for anything.

Ben has written a book and been a guest blogger. He is planning his first Hangout for his book reading.

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About Ben: Tagline A TV fanatic, and did I mention I'm insane? Introduction I dance like a boss, can play video games for hours on end and love Doctor Who. What else is there to know? Bragging rights I am the fastest runner in my school, I know how to lightsaber fight, and I have quite a reputation in the video game under world.

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