Midweek Zap - Connections

Adam Zale on Making and Growing Connections

Wed, Sep 23, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

+Adam Zale of +Steady Demand shares connection strategies from over a decade of experience in understanding human to human interaction: how to connect with others and how to build on those connections. If you are looking to develop real interactions that drive sales—or not—this is a must watch!


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About Adam: Tagline I love connecting people. Introduction Adam has over 15 years of experience working with people to help solve problems in the web, data, software, SaaS, and real estate industries. Prior to joining Steady Demand, Adam worked in a business development role for enterprise hosting companies, major data aggregators, and owned his own consulting firm. With over a decade of experience in understanding human to human interaction, he is dedicated to helping people connect with new customers and partners.

Adam has a wide breadth of consulting experience with topics ranging from web development, marketing, and SEO. He is an expert at driving strategic initiatives that are based on his experience with ever changing marketplaces. Adam has consulted with brands ranging from Home Junction, Better Homes & Gardens, RE/MAX, ChiroTouch, Endurance International Group, while still maintaining a passion for small businesses. Adam is fascinated with understanding how humans connect and how they relate. His success is defined by the success of those he works with. Bragging rights This man can eat a pound of cooked pasta in under 20 minutes.

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