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*Market Data*
What data? Which data? How do I measure? What does it mean? How do I use the results?  joins us this week with answers to these questions.  Learn how you can start simple tracking without a spreadsheet, just pen and paper.

Know how to plan for the time when you'll find a service to do this for you.

Why time management matters.

Simple way to negotiate lower costs when you are ready to outsource.

Turn your simple monitoring system into a marketable project.

All this and more in just a little over 30 minutes.

Audience panel members +Kevin Burns and +Grizwald Grim.

0:38 Carmen Rojas introduction

2:41 How soloprenuers and new small businesses can start with analytics

3:35 plan for the day when your marketing will not be free

4:10 the cost of time to an entrepreneur; the risk benefit

4:38 how to lower cost when you look for social media help

6:18 example of how doing it yourself eats time

7:20 have a tight hold on your time

9:12 tips for number phobics to get started measuring

11:11 turn your process into a system product you can sell

12:52 *Kevin Burns* question: Do you use the metric system?

13:18 Metric system and athletics

14:02 *Kevin Burns* question: How do you collect your metrics?

14:08 Lean Startup Method explained

15:13 In business, especially as an entrepreneur, very few black and white decisions

15:26 The more metric variables the better off you'll be

15:40 *Kevin Burns* question: Do you have to lean over to start up the build, measure and learn process?

16:11 Have a conversation with your customer and lean in and listen

17:13 Description of a split tests

19:25 *Grizwald Grim* question: What 3 questions should I ask people I'm screening to do market analytics for me?

19:45 What platform are you using...

19:58 Benefits of Google Analytics

21:00 Who owns the data? The analyst or you?

21:28 Will they give you access to see it as they see it?

24:06 Carmen offer to help setup split testing in Google Analytics

24:50 *Kevin Burns* questions: Use of personality typing to help know your target audience and customers?

25:23 Within this calendar year assessing how it would apply to marketing, especially digital marketing

27:24 Digital marketing gives more opportunities to leverage personality types

28:56 Post from *William Rock* with link to using Google Analytics

30:29 Question *Kevin Burns*: Your interpretation of the Laws of Attraction related to Maxwell's theory of electro magnetism or the human laws of attraction?

31:37 You put out an energy...other people can feel it

32:44 Question *Kevin Burns*: If you are on the "like's attract" spectrum you would try to draw people toward you who are attracted to you and vice versa.

33:04 Yes. But there are different ways that I am attracted to people.

35:28 Usefulness of personality types in selecting clients to work with long term

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About Carmen:

I am proud to be obsessed with helping businesses gain profitability by learning more about the wants and needs of their customers through digital marketing.Analytics, Metrics, Split Testing, Social Media, Website Design, Content Management, and logic are what I love working with. 

It is my mission to help you learn so much about your customers that you design products that sell themselves. I can help business save money, improve revenues, and gain valuable insight into their products and services. My greatest skills lie in theinterpretation of analytics and split testing results and translating them to actionable marketing and sales techniques. 

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