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Outside the Lines with Phil Bowyer, Rule Breaker

Aug 27, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

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Phil Bowyer breaks rules!  His new book *Coloring Outside the Lines* is coming out in September. We’ll be chatting about rule breaking and how to create uniqueness in your business.
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0:26 Introduction: Phil Bowyer 0:46 Coloring Outside the Lines, new book 1:03 Go inside to find your answer 1:20 Distinction between following and living your passion 2:15 Main premise: following external sources vs. living your passion 3:41 Find out if what you are doing IS your passion 4:33 Get honest about your business and the people you are serving 5:11 Example of an exercise in Coloring Outside the Lines 6:42 Start with what would I do if the bill fairy came? 7:23 Narrow it down to the one thing 9:55 Comments from audience 10: 52 When you have people that you engage with and you have fun with it that shows the naturalness of the passion 11:51 Blog discussion in relation to passion, author blog example 12:33 Living the passion is different from living the advice you get 13:18 Audience comments 13:57 The book helps with yes or no questions, it's hard to deny those answers 14:41 Go in with the intention of being honest and willing to change 15:09 Good to have a mentor to help along the way 15:57 How to get a copy of of the book: leave a comment with a takeaway from the show 17:27 Audience comments 18:01 David F Leopold joins to ask question 18:30 Why can't we just go with the flow? David F Leopold 18:56 Business is about standing out. You can't solve anyone's problem without them knowing about you. 19:53 Contact with solutions without knowing pain points is not communicating. 21:08 How do you handle that situation? David F Leopold 21:22 Ignore a contact like that. It shows you don't care. There's no way we can have 22:01 New people, if they are making an effort, give them the benefit of doubt 22:32 Audience question How do you know the one thing. 23:31 If you hit a no answer in the book. 24:49 It's got to be the right thing when you are an entrepreneur. 26:34 Systems: 80/20 Rule. Not everything that is you passion is not something that you're going to be passionate about. Delegate out. 27:35 The stuff that we hate to do is somebody else' passion. 28:38 Audience comment 29:00 Phil's response: I don't agree that passion is something you craft and create. It's inside and you find it. 29:52 Passion is difficult. 30:19 Audience comment: 30:39 Passion is not the only thing. The book is designed to put you on the right track 30:59 You have to align yourself with good people to keep you on the track. 31:29 Books are only as good as what you take away from them. 32:01 The audience for the book: existing and new entrepreneurs. 32:25 Audience feedback. 33:06 Breaking the rules before you know what the rules are. 33:55 Common sense is something we keep at a distance. 34:19 Everything does not have to be easy to be considered. 35:38 Last comment from David F Leopold: I believe you can passion about a lot of things simultaneously.
*Hashtag: #MWZ * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show.Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? Invite your friends!About Phil: Story Tagline I Help Entrepreneurs Break Rules Introduction Business Man, Activist, Foodie, Metalhead – not necessarily in that order and most of the time all at once.What Do I Mean By “Break Rules”?Breaking Rules means that you stop following the wealth of cookie cutter advice that peddled by so called “experts” and write your own rule book.Think about it, if you are following someone else’s rules, you are following them toward their dream, not towards your own. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you are following the same advice that everybody else is, which makes it pretty hard to stand out.Rule Breaking Mastery - Learn the Art Of Breaking RulesI teach entrepreneurs how to embrace the art of rule breaking through a three-tiered program.

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