Long-tail Keywords: Gold for Sales

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Long-tail Keywords: Gold for Sales

Customers Ask Real Questions

Use long-tail keywords for conversion. New sales from your content is a win. The best way to answer those customer questions is with long-tail keywords. When you answer that query intent with phrases that match those questions, you benefit with a higher conversion rate. Your keyword phrase (long-tail keyword) directly reflects a query.

If you’ve used single keywords, you can raise your conversion rate by incorporating long-tail keywords into your SEO (sear engine optimization).  Search then can deliver your content to the person who is looking for an answer to a question with more than one word.

How long-tail Keywords Work

Keyword phrases give more relevant answers. Customers search with real questions. Their query intent is the key to constructing your long-tail keyword string.

   •Fastest way to lose weight?

   •Where is the nearest pizza place?

   •What’s the best web conferencing?

   •What’s the right temperature to bake a fruit pie?

   •Cheap haircut near me?

A single keyword--diet, pizza, web conference, pie, haircut-- leaves you competing with many, many other answers. A keyword phrase that mirrors the question is much more likely to give that customer a direct link to your business. Your long-tail keyword matches their search.

Search engines like Google constantly update algorithms to reflect human goals. For example, a  patent at Google (March 17, 2015) refines query suggestions to be more search relevant and more likely to match the intent of the person asking the question.

You Want Your Content To Be Part of More Relevant Answers

long-tail keywords have a 2.5 higher conversion rate than single keywords. That’s not click through, it’s conversion.

Also, when you use long-tail keywords your search is more likely to see your content.  Pages with keyword phrases move up an average of 11.5 places while those with single keywords move up only 5 places.

The use of long-tail keywords has two major benefits in helping customers convert

   •Higher conversion rate

   •Increased ranking

How To Use long-tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword consists of three or more words in a string designed to answer questions relevant to a niche. The benefit is that the keyword phrase is relevant to a very targeted segment.

The people who do a search for your long-tail keyword have a higher intent and are much more focused. They are much more inclined to value your business service or product. And, they are much more likely to take action. They are looking for exactly what you offer.

People whose queries are answered by keyword phrases are far along in the buying cycle. For example, they know they like pizza, now they want the nearest cheap pizza.

Because, long-tail keywords are so targeted and specific they will not draw as much traffic. But, the traffic they generate has made a specific query and your keyword phrase has brought them to you. Most importantly, your page answers the specific question. In other words, these visitors to your page are primed to buy and more inclined to buy.

The Set Up

To use long-tail keywords on your page, set up optimization for search.

   •Place in the title of your landing page or post

   •Include in the first sentence of your content

   •Use relative derivative words throughout the content

   •Make sure to include it in the meta tag description

   •Place in image “alt” tags

   •Name the URL with the long-tail keyword

If you take these steps with your keyword phrase it will be “optimized” for search engine recognition. This optimization makes it highly probable that you will show up in relevant queries.

Successful Conversion Strategy

If you already use keywords, you can now focus on long-tail keywords to raise your ranking in search. Drive customers who are already primed for your product or service straight to your site to make a sale.

You need to change your thinking in order for long-tail keywords to work successfully in your online marketing.

   •Think how a customer would ask a question about your product or service

   •Answer that question with a long-tail keyword that mirrors the question

   •Optimize your page with your long-tail keyword

Your business can turn the corner in sales with strategic use of long-tail keywords to drive conversions.

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