Local Love: Collaborative Power

Jun 10, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

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The power of collaboration. Using case study of the EagleCO project+Tim Sweeney  and +Sanjiv Manifest demonstrate with stories and statistics. The how: tools used and why. Collaboration: what works best. *Hashtag: #MWZlive * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show.Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? Invite your friends!About Tim: Tagline Digital Media Marketing IntroductionGreetings!

Thanks for stopping by to check things out. Similar to many user's of G+ (and perhaps you), I'm a digital adventurer. What this means is that I'm constantly trying to keep pace with the changes in the Google ecosystem, within which G+ plays a big role. My use of G+ largely entails listening to the many people out there who know and have more experience with Google than I do.

Ok, so what do I do with digital media and how does Google fit in? I'm a digital media generalist helping organizations and people harness it to achieve their goals and objectives, and realize their vision. Digital media being SEO, SEM, blogs/websites, social media, eCommerce, related technologies, platforms and etc... As you know, Google intertwines itself in many aspects of digital media ranging from paid advertising to social and everything in between.

In addition to what I do for others, I use Google on a multitude of levels for developing brand names, product ideas, transformed content and re-purposing products. Along with this, I've have a deep passion of start-ups and teaching others the knowledge I've gained through experience and education.

And even though I've used products such as Adwords, Analytics and worked at massaging Google search for content to be found since their inception, I still have much to learn.

When I'm not in front of a digital device, you'll find me spending time with the wife, hiking and consuming large quantities of garlic.

About Sanjiv: Tagline How do birds learn to fly ? ... they fall and in falling they discover wings ! Introduction Rumi's poem {paraphrased} above says it all for me ...

Back in Nov’12, when I first updated this profile, I wrote that “I am very inspired by Google+ … I believe it's asea change for interaction on the web ... none of us can really predict how it will help re-shape our lives - but it most certainly will ... so welcome and enjoy the ride !” ...

... Approaching 3 years, I remain inspired, it has been a sea change for my interactions on the web (and likely for those who have truly used G+) … and it continues to re-shape my life - I have met, and continue to meet, fascinating people that I simply would not have, were it not for G+ ! … and these meaningful and heartfelt connections leave me eager for more and to deepen what is … and I’m certainly enjoying the ride !

And, this is still only the tip of the iceberg …

These connections have far reaching implications - both personally and professionally. G+ also helps dissolve boundaries, e.g., cultural, professional,  language … and even blurs the personal and professional boundaries.

Social media, in general, and G+ is no exception, is flooded with all kinds of “How To” advice for Business, … and the unstated expectation is to “build” one’s business through this avenue. While that may be reasonable for many, I remain drawn to the organic unfoldment - i.e., continue to explore and engage around interests and see what emerges, e.g., as a result of an experimental G+ project, I am considering  a potential experimental commercial venture.

What can you expect in my stream ? ...

Supporting and highlighting the “good” in humanity (so I converse about grateful living, compassion, altruism, empathy, meditation, social entrepreneurship), Rumi and other Mystical Poetry, Consciousness & Spirituality (all traditions), Quantum Physics, Self-exploration, Outer Space, Movies, Food, Shar-pei furry children, Outdoors, Photography, Psychology (Transpersonal, i.e., Stan Grof … and Jungian), Human Rights, Google+, Technology, Web Entrepreneurship, Podcasting, and of course, exploring uncharted realms ...

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