Learn to Learn with Kristin Drysdale

Learn to Learn with Kristin Drysdale

Kristin Drysdale spends her days learning on Google+. She shares her knowledge and techniques for increasing engagement, gathering friends, and enjoying life on the Plus.

About Kristin:


Connecting Businesses with Social Conscience. Speaker, Writer, Media Strategist.


    My introduction to Google Plus came through stumbling upon aYoutube video from Jason T. Wiser.  I subscribed to Jason's channel and soon after, he invited me to attend his HOA show that he was starting: On Track Tips. I quickly learned about this thing called G+...And well, long story short - I've been hooked ever since!

My original Tagline:

    "Six children keep me moving. God keeps me grooving. And this crazy world keeps me striving."

    I've come a long way in learning and understanding about myself and the world we live in through the relationships and connections I've made right here in Google Plus. The more I learn, the more I want to improve so that I can better position myself and better serve the people I work with and that I care about. 

    Probably the greatest thing I've learned thus far in my journey in Social Media is that much of what we share and to what extent it resonates with others depends on how we position ourselves and frame our content. The more we learn to be vulnerable and open to sharing our stories to frame what we share, the deeper our connections can grow. Life is too short for shallow relationships; instead, let's go deep. 

My favorite song lyric: 

"With a little piece from everyone, we can make a stand; we can heal this land." 

~Kymani Marley

Let's do this thing! #LendAHand


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