How can we help search engines learn more?


Ontologies Everywhere: They Start in our Mind

How can we help search engines learn more?

The more we share key concepts that are related, and especially, in new ways, the more the information is verified and expanded.

When I set a group of words for a writing piece, I like using Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine (CISE) for the surprising concept connections that Google search has alreadydiscovered is related:first out of the gate for drain cleaning, and the like.

When I was Head Teacher at a parent cooperative elementary school we designed the curriculum around art and divergent thinking. Aspects of the program were later incorporated into California’s Early Success in School program. At our morning meeting around the table, I would set an object, say, a brick, in the middle of the table and ask,How could you use that? As the children came up with ideas, I’d keep asking What else?

Expanding an idea within the text and adding context is a way to add knowledge, bit by bit, by connecting the thought dots.My first presentation on semantic search was over two years ago and used the example of Scotland as a key concept and, at that time, the primary keyword. The illustration was the concepts that went along with that primary concept. Scotland Green hills sheep shepherd’s pie haggis bagpipes

and…wait! what? didgeridoo

When we produce a piece of content for the web, each time we throw in a potential answer, like a didgeridoo, we increase search knowledge and understanding.

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