Human Potential - Mindful Meditation

 Human Potential with Vivekananda Baindoor Rao

Jan 7, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao  brings peacefulness and calm amidst the engineer’s life. How does he get to the heart of his business? We explore the avenues to human potential and your business success.

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0:30 Introduction +Vivek 1:12 Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached. 1:41 Name pronunciation: We Wake 3:04 Live a simple life 4:07 How to contact 6:17 The only belief I have is simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication 6:32 Meditation is the solution to balance 7:27 Why meditate? 8:14 Western world considers stress to be an inevitable part of life 8:28 Manage what you hold precious 9:07 Are you sure your problems are external? 10:06 Why does a huge portion of the population depend on antidepressants and alcohol? 10:44 Spirituality has nothing to do with religion 10:55 Spirituality is total self-awareness 11:24 Use the life-force energy to achieve a fuller life 11:43 +Lee Rickler comment: Stress can be a good thing.…the trick is to know how to control it, naturally. 12:17 Stress will make the part of the brain related to survival. 13:01 Continued stress can lead to depression 13:35 Zara’s parking lot story about being in the present moment 16:20 Spirituality is an attempt to explain the life force 16:49 Indians don’t believe in *anything*. 17:18 We created God. 17:44 Comment +Roland Takaoka: Our only real power is in the NOW. 17:52 +Deborah Rock comment: It is so important to live in “the now” when we lose focus on what is around us that is when we lose control of our lives and the outside forces take control. 18:15 Comment +Lon McClure: occasional stress can focus you and save your life. Constant stress erodes you. 18:38 +Sean O Dulainne comment: my grand mom always says “Its not stress that destroys us, it is our reaction to it.” we are human…some “coping” takeaways please? 19:28 Hinduism is not considered a religion 20:11 - Inner engineering 20:54 Sadhguru stated: Indians are non-believers 21:20 Video links posted in the comment stream 21:30 When you have balance you can live life to the fullest. 21:57 Three stage process for meditation 24:27 Vivek’s personal meditation process 28:22 Comment +Deborah Rock: ….Closing eyes allows their thoughts to slow and close out the outside world. Then we can find that inner qi and start a personal journey. 29:24 You cannot empty your mind. Do not remain attached to any thought that comes during meditation. 30:36 Control breathing to a healthy pattern. 30:47 You will have a voice that comes from within yourself, built in authority. 31:22 Link to  Julian Treasure Ted Talk on voice control. 31:33 Lon McClure comment: Occasional stress allows us to survive. Constant stress triggers the same chemicals and is damaging over time. 33:01 Comment +Elena Bellometti: Through meditation we can lose anger, stress and negative thoughts. 33:18 +Sheila Hensley comment: Thanks for the video links. 34:05 The impact of meditation on business. 35:19 Comment +Roland Takaoka: EXACTLY. The stress comes from resistance and attachment. 35.39 Comment +Myste Lynn: Nice to hear ‘Indians do not believe in anything.’ 36:04 Comment +Sheila Hensley: Wow, that relaxed me. Nice demonstration. 37:00 Meditation has made a difference in thinking. Make a beginning. 37:41 Start the process and be at it. Simplify life. 39:32 Comment +Molly Youngblood Geiger: Words of wisdom. About Vivek:

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