How to Find the Right Copywriter for your Business

Be Specific When You Ask

A skilled copywriter will present your business to your ideal customer or client in compelling words they understand. The words lead them to a natural progression toward making a purchase.

To find a copywriter who will boost your business, you need to specify clear guidelines for their writing needs. When your needs are vague, a copywriter cannot respond with a clear proposal, delineating what they will write and how they will meet your request matching their skills to your needs. It doesn’t matter how short or long your request.

Write some articles for me.


Do you like to solve problems and build beautiful things? Are you a dreamer with the drive to make those dreams a reality? We believe that the sky is the limit for your creative career and will give you the tools to help you soar. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team of creative professionals currently changing the world.

Neither of these request specifies the business need.


How to Be Specific

State the written piece you need. For example,

  • Page for your website
  • Blog article
  • White paper
  • Explainer video script
  • Video sales letter script


Enumerate the items. Do you need one page for your website, like About Us? A rewrite of 5 pages? 40 new pages? One article? A series of three? Two articles a month? Weekly articles? One white paper or a series?

State the length. Word count is the best way to let your copywriter know the length you need. Do you want 500 words? 1200 words? 2000 words? Is your white paper 5000 words?  Is each web page approximately 500 words? Is your explainer video 30 seconds or 2 minutes long?

Be clear with your budget. State the amount you are willing to pay for your writing project. Does $200 apply to each of the three articles you want or is that $200 for all three?  A skilled copywriter brings their expertise to each project. If your budget is low, it will be more challenging for you to find quality writing.

Your completion date. If you want you copy today or tomorrow, your copywriter will probably add rush charges. The best copy is well researched, outlined, written, and then edited. Editing is best done at least 24 hours after the first draft is completed. Most professional copywriters have stated turnaround times, depending on the copy.


Share with the Copywriter

The more details you share about your business and your customers, the better the copywriter will create content aimed at your audience. A skilled copywriter will use language that resonates with your audience. The right tone from humorous to intellectual. The natural language and vocabulary of your audience - not necessarily of your business. Your copywriter will emphasize the nature of your business that separates you from your competition.

Knowing whether you are well-established or new helps your copywriter add details to gain trust with your site visitors.

The more you tell your copywriter about your business, the more they can highlight the benefits and solutions you offer to potential customers.

Copy Has One Goal

A copywriter helps you create text to engage customers and get them to take action. Even educational pieces like white papers stand directed toward that goal.

When you delineate your needs, add specifics, and have clear completion dates a copywriter can respond with a proposal that matches your needs. You’ll receive the copy you need that meets your objectives.  

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Zara Altair

Zara writes semantic web content and ghostwrites books. As a ghostwriter, Zara has created both fiction and non-fiction books. Specializing in the research, planning, and creation of digital content, Zara is responsible for delivering written material for both national and international clients.

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