How to Create Your Procedures Manual

Your Business Runs On Systems

For many small businesses, especially solo-preneurs, the systems that run your business stay in your head. You run on automatic during the day. Every morning you start the day engaging with new followers on your Business Page or your website. Or during the week you know that Friday morning is the time you use to engage on twitter. 

Do you process orders as they come in?  Every day? Every two days?

If you suddenly are gone who will know what to do to keep your business running?

It could be something as simple as taking a vacation or it could be an auto accident.

Having your systems written down makes it easy for someone to hold down the fort while you are gone.

If your system is not in writing, it doesn’t exist. Kenneth Manasse Sr.

Call it a system. Call it procedures. The name doesn't matter. The system does.

How To Quickly Create Your Procedures

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Now follow yourself around. Write down everything that you do. Categorize the different activities: content creation, engagement, product sale funnel, course creation.

For instance if you do a weekly Hangout on Air to promote your business, write down all the steps.

  • How you contact guests, what you say
  • Pre-event promotional activities
  • Green room activities and technical checks
  • Format of the show
  • Post-event promotional activities

Be as detailed as possible. Imagine someone doing this for you. That person needs to know every step.

From a simple script for how to answer the telephone, to something as involved as hosting a Hangout On Air...

Write it Down!

By the end of the week you will discover that you have many systems, large and small, that run your business.

Don't Lose That Notebook

As time goes by you will find quarterly, semi-annual, and annual procedures that you need to add.

As you add people to your team, your the basic system written down so they can start doing their job right away. Be sure to have each team member, refine and revise the system in writing as they take ownership. That way, if that person leaves, the next team member has a head start at getting tasks done.

Long-Term You Win

As your team grows, you have ready-made procedures for the various tasks to get new people on board right away.

As you create your system you may find that you have one that works really well. A workable system can turn into a product you can sell to help other people.

When you are ready to bring on a partner or sell your business your written procedures are strong evidence that your business has a clear method and that all the components are clear and easy to understand. Systems sell!


Zara Altair






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