How To Create New Meta Descriptions with Google Expansion

Expand Your Meta Descriptions

Google recently expanded meta descriptions to up to 330 characters. That’s two times the 165 character old recommendation.

Work to make meta descriptions around 250-275 characters.

Structure them to be complete at 165 characters with the company name and location at the end of 165 characters. Add around 100 additional characters to enrich and fill in the message of the first 165.

So, if Google presents the short version your meta description makes sense and includes vital name and location. If Google displays the new longer meta you’ll get the full details displayed.


Here's an example from a page for +Inspect.Net, Inc. a home inspection service in California.

Meta description: Detailed description of the plumbing component of a thorough and professional home inspection, by Inspect.Net, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area. Reports on the condition of supply and drain plumbing with specifics on toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, water heaters, etc.

Reference: Google Webmasters.

Skip to 29:40 to hear +John Mueller recommend migrating to new meta character limits vs. letting Google manage it automatically.

Zara Altair

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