How To CISE Up Your Writing

CISE Up Your Content

If you write for the web, you can improve the long-term search engine results of your copy by using Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine (CISE) to develop a Wordbank to incorporate select words into text. CISE is a technically sophisticated algorithm developed by Peter Hatherley,  in New Zealand.

Writers are familiar with synonyms and antonyms and dictionary definitions to use creating content. With the advent of online writing, keywords and related keywords gained importance in the overall ascendancy of words used inside content. CISE is like a personal service which identifies words related to your content theme (keyword).

CISE works by identifying words, already known by search engines as being conceptually related. When content appears on the web that contains the related words, search engines are able to “know” the context of your content. The result is increased search engine result page (SERP) ranking. You create web optimized content. This clarity raises the overall ranking of the content.

Here's a thorough introduction for the creator, walking through the relevance of CISE to search optimization.

How To Use CISE

To accentuate content for your business, or for a client, begin with select two to three words that represent the theme of your business. The objective is to create a wordbank of words related to your topic theme.

When you first reach CISE at, create an account with your email or various social media accounts. On the landing page, your begin at Search.


CISE landing page, semantic writing


Enter your keyword or word pair, click on the magnifying glass to see the results on the Concepts page.  To start your Wordbank click on the star. The word results of the search are saved to you personal Wordbank under your search term. In the example the bank is stored under the heading first time cise user. When you return to CISE you can retrieve the Wordbank by clicking on the Bank symbol. As you add to your Wordbank, you can refer back to any search saved in the Bank.


CISE search example, semantic writing


Expand the Wordbank by clicking on an individual word in your first result, performing a new search and then saving that collection of words into the Wordbank as well.  Using this technique, you are able to create a large Bank of words specific to your business or a particular writing theme.

  • To save a word collection to a document:
  • highlight the words in the collection you want to copy,
  • click on the paperclip to copy,
  • then go to your document,
  • click save.
  • Your individualised Wordbank is now saved into your text file.

If you get lost you can click on the Help tab, to watch a tutorial video to refresh your memory.

The Process for Writing

For business begin your word bank with broad-based search terms for your business. These sample Wordbanks represent a high-end travel personal concierge service offering unique travel design.

Luxury Travel

lateral literal travel literature unilaterally collateral relativity interval alternatives relative

From the broad based category search, narrow down to the specifics of the business type.

Destination Specialist

distinction specialist distinctive first past the post first past the post disentangled hold attention consciousness credentials speciality just listen honest to goodness contingency plan direct attention assistance don't panic road to success first instance the die is cast delicate condition path of least resistance substantial action stations don't mention it

Continue this pattern to end up with a sizeable Wordbank for the business. Each time that you write about the business you can pull from the Bank, words to use in content that you now know relate to your business.

To write an article about a specific product or service, repeat the process with focused words for the product.

Secluded Luxury Villa

surveillance cellular core values disclosure self-discovery secular survival civilised unrivalled rediscover

The concept does not require that you use all of the words. Use the entire set to help conceptualise the article. Then, select several to incorporate into the content piece.

CISE Works for Any Subject

CISE is unlimited in potential for product description and article creation. Here are some random Wordbank results:

Wood Handle Hammer

wonder undiminished worthwhile wonderful hardwired worldwide phenomenal role-model recommended well done

Shoulder Pain

philanthropy threshold harnessed splendour should sharp helpline indispensible sponsor philosophy

Feline Health Diet

foundational influential fountainhead affiliated health undefiled fulfill fundamental faithful attend to

When you study the Wordbank collection, you’ll find some surprising results to use as prompts for content creation as the surprisingly related words enrich your content.

CISE Enhances Your Writing Skills

Using CISE will develop your thinking, strategy, and content creation skills.

  • Think about the overall concept of the content.
  • Select key words or phrases to begin your strategy.
  • Enrich your content by expanding the vocabulary in context

From product description to thought piece, CISE not only enriches the language of content, it creates evergreen reference points for search engine discovery.

Case study on semantic writing results using CISE What is Semantic Writing?

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