How to Avoid 21 Tips Syndrome

Too Many Tips Befuddle the Mind

If you are on Google+ for a while you'll notice that there's a flavour of the week. One week everyone is writing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The next week there's a flurry about engagement. This week there's a veritable blizzard of How To Start On Google+. There are shared posts from Google+, shared blog posts with additional comments, infographics jammed with instructions, and tip lists. Titles are something like this:

  • 30 best practices
  • 40 pages to help you navigate
  • super infographic with everything you need
  • 21 tips for new users.

As a newcomer to Google+ your head swims. There is a difference between reference material and tips. Reference material is content you add to your knowledge library. Online it may be as simple as bookmarking a page. Go ahead bookmark the 40 pages article because you may want to refer to various aspects of navigating Google+ when you are further along your trail. On the other hand, remember that Google changes...constantly. Tips are directions for taking action. They are actions you want to incorporate into your system of conducting business. You will not remember all 21 tips. Unless you have a photographic memory, don't try. And if you are creating content, pick one concept and create a tip. After about three your readers will be in head swim just like you were with the 21 tips.

When your readers are in the shower, or out for a walk, or hanging out at the dog park, or driving in heavy traffic they will review your tips in their head. More importantly, when they do this they internalize your tips and they become part of their practice. And, they remember you.

Learn As You Go From Experienced Users

Some recent examples from "influencers" who do this well are Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales, Wayne Brett and Stephan Hovnanian. Click the names to read the tips. You'll find it easy to not only understand what they say but easy to remember the tips. Next steps,

  • plus one the tip
  • plus mention the author (plus sign followed by their name, +Stephan Hovnanian)
  • thank them for the tip(s)
  • tell them how the tip helped you

Oh, and that's how you start engagement with influencers. It's a natural process.   Zara Altair Google+ Personal Trainer

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