Hot Mess - Manage Tough Situations

 How to Deal With Tough Situations and People and Come Out Looking Beautiful

Wed, Nov 19, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

+Mia Voss shares her wisdom on dealing with tough situations and clients and coming out looking beautiful. We've all experienced them: the cursed client, the supplier who doesn't supply, the naysaying troll. Mute, block, and delete as your first line of defense.

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0:51 How the show topic came up 1:25 How to deal with people who troll on Google+: mute or block 1:55 Mute: out of sight, out of mind 1:05 Block: for people who are really offensively trolling 2:43 Check blue heads for veracity. Just new to G+ or hiding to cause trouble 3:08 Blocking is serious. 3:43 Google notices and counts how many blocks an individual has. At a certain number they are removed from Google+. 4:02 Does Google track cyberattack block/unblock series? 4:43 +William Rock   comment: Get the same trolls who comment off topic. 4:54 Hijacking! 5:12 Block and hide comments in comment stream. 5:26 Comment +Deborah Rock : Some "blueheads" do not know how to change their profile picture. Others are there to cause mischief. 6:06 Comment +Lee Rickler : I get stuff from bluehead "Females" so being a dick isn't discriminatory. 6:37 The guy's perspective on female trolls 7:07 BLOCK! 7:15 It's a time suck. 7:29 Comment +Carmen Rojas: Hates offensive videos with autoplay in the feed. 8:09 I like happy stuff! Then hijackers come in to argue. 9:01 Guard your territory. We don't have to make everybody like what's on our page. 9:10 Comment +William Rock: I post in my Profile that I HUNT SPAMMERS. 9:33 Comment +William Rock: the issue is they are following us all. Looking for the best way to private message to stop. 9:51 It's all about time. Do you have time to private message a spammer? 10:07 +Craig Chamberlin  post on Trolls. (link in comment stream.) 10:36 +Rayne Dowell comment: I don't mute. I just block. I don't check out blueheads. 10:54 Comment +Karen V Chin : Proviles that use different photos but exact same content on each "profile." 11:18 No time for that. 11:34 Private messaging spammers/trolls is a time waste. 12:06 Spammers know what they are doing. 12:20 Cybersecurity for website is another version of trolling. 12:26 TIME IS MONEY. Empowerment of blocking. 13:01 HOA trolling by posting photos in the comment stream. Often host does not see the photos until the event is over. 13:29 HOA hosts love audience support during show when members reply to trolls. 13:41 Question +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao : Multiple Gmails and profiles but they all belong to the same person. 13:52 Mia and Zara agree those multiple profiles are created to harass people. 14:16 Usually have the profiles because someone has reported them and they've had to create another profile. 14:49 The worst thing that ever happened. 15:45 Comment +Deborah Rock: People are so excited to get followers, but like backlinks, people need to be aware of who they are following. 16:13 Circle shares. Like chain emails. 17:02 A red flag. Sharing with content. No comments. No context. No engagement. And a lot of circle shares. 17:21 Comment +Carmen Rojas : Comments in a language I don't speak. 17:33 Google translate is awesome. 17:52 Comment +William Rock : Entity search is the same as with domains. Once banned they have to find another way to do it. 18:30 Shout out to +Dave Pipe  for ping about Chrome update. 18:38 Comment +Dave Pipe: Created second profile to create a YouTube channel because some trolls decided to gun for me. 19:01 "Skater Punks" on event story. 20:04 All of us need to put the foot down. 21:12 Question +Lee Rickler : Pinging people, influencers, for no reason just to get their attention. 21:24 Evil giggle. 21:27 Stop! Stop doing that. 21:50 Private messages tell that you are actually paying attention. 22:26 It backfires. 22:34 Comment +Deborah Rock : HOA dumpers will always find their way into shows. A nuisance to HOA society. 22:50 An entrenched audience comes to the rescue. 23:24 Comment +William Rock: If you have a large following and many views, don't be afraid to kick out trolls from your Community or stream. 23:47 For newbies. Don't be sucked in by followers and views. Get sucked in by content and alignment with the message. 24:05 A ton of followers does not guarantee any kind of above board engagement. 25:05 Google+ priorities are about having real engagement. 25:16 Comment +Sheila Hensley: Zapsters would have a fit if it happened here (Midweek Zap). 24:35 Comment +Lee Rickler: A ton of followers and no content equals a Fiverr account. 26:01 Fiverr people will try to suck in newbies by telling them they will get followers. 26:34 Imagine the situation in a real life event. Talking at you but not asking any questions about you. 27:59 The time stealers who want free advice. 29:28 Comment +Kim Armstrong: What my dogs say - I want some "tentions" to my belly parts! 30:24 Don't email with "I just want to pick your brain for a second." 30:38 A personal Board of Directors. 31:53 Female curmudgeons. 32:56 Take different ways of how people handle things and create your own. 33:31 Comment +Deborah Rock : Taking time online is just as wasteful as wen someone walks into a showroom and takes the salesperson's time knowing they are not there to purchase. 34:07 Time is not just money, it's life quality. 35:45 Comment +Nazim Beltran : Great topic. More Female Power to the World. 36:56 The power of audience participation on events. 37:30 Last words: Be yourself. Everybody else is taken. 39:00 Time is precious!

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