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Midweek Zap with Craig Fifield

+Craig Fifield of +Circloscope joins the *Midweek Zap*  to share his wisdom on Google+ presence. How to manage it. How to start correctly. Manage those pesky notifications under Mr. Jingles. It’s a control freak dream show.


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0:20 Introduction - Craig Fifield 2:26 Beer of choice discussion 3:24 Question +Tim Sweeney : Genesis of Circloscope? 3:59 Genesis came from the developer 5:15 Question +Mani St. Victor: Describe Circloscope basics. 5:21 Basic main features 5:57 Find posts in your niche, find the people, put them in circle, and engage 6:28 Circloscope can automate. 6:42 Once you have the circles, manage them with filters. 7:42 Clean up "blueheads" and non-engagers 9:44 Question +Kevin Burns: How did you meet +Christine DeGraff? 10:02 Met and connected in the Google+ way through a Hangout on Air 11:53 Question +William Rock: How do we know the blueheads will not start engaging? 12:06 We don't know. If they do start engaging they will show up again. 13:45 Two new announcements. NOD3x integration on premium. Circloscope icon shows up next to top posts to click and add to circles in Circloscope. 15:42 With Cicloscope open you can right click on any page or link to import into Circloscope. Reduces the manual copy and paste time. 17:46 You need Chrome browser to use Circloscope. Worth the switch to use the tool. 18:33 Question +Lee Rickler: What does the Circloscope/NOD3x integration bring to Circloscope? 19:09 It brings potential new users to Circloscope from NOD3x. 20:21 Premium NOD3x cost is low. Worth investigating. 23:51 Example of engaging profile page: Craig Fifield 25:27 Further conversation about Google+ blueheads. 26: 18 Nothing inherently bad about blueheads, it is a strong signal however. 27:15 It's easy to forget that just a while back the web was anonymous. 28:25 Importance of hover card. 30:16 Reasons to white list on Circloscope. You don't want to lose them when cleaning circles. 31:34 Benefit of Circloscope as a user: grows your engagement. 32:37 Be specific with the people that you follow and circle. People should match your main interest. Home repair example.

*About Craig:* (long version as example of great Profile about intro)

SEO & Social Media Smarty Pants


I've been in the Internet Marketing space for 18 years now. During that time I've helped businesses with all aspects of Web Marketing, run my own successful site network, designed groundbreaking marketing apps for Microsoft... and quite a bit more...


Here on the plus I spend my time helping people with SEO, Social Media Strategy,Personal Branding, Content Marketing, WordPress, E-commerce and pretty much everything else Internet Marketing related. Circle me (or hire me) if you'd like to know more about those topics, or just like dog pictures because I share pics of mine pretty often! You've been warned :)

Co-founded Circloscope, the most powerful way to manage your circles here on G+
I actually have a degree in Marketing which is rare in this industry of 'experts'
Actively consulted businesses on web marketing since 1995 (18yrs real experience)
Considered a 'founding father' of SEO - The industry didn't have a name back then & there were very few pros
Designed the first ever web apps for SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing
Past speaker at Search Engine Strategies, the only major SEO conference at the time
Technical editor of two of the first books on SEO & SEM
Created and ran the largest X-Files discussion list of it's time  (35k subscribers)
Created one of the most popular business directories online
Worked with the founders of PayPal, Zappos & Pandora
Developed a blog that was featured on Time Magazine (online), Lifehacker, CNN, and five different books
Was a major affiliate marketer for years with a site network of over 60 legitimate sites that earned 90% of my income
Built a Facebook page to 100k likes within 6 months
Created a simple Pinterest tool that was featured in one of the first books on Pinterest
I've been a guest (or co-host) on many Google+ Hangouts (see below)
And more, but you're probably tired of hearing about me by now ;)

I love Google+ Hangouts, to the point that I've been called a hangout hooker to my face, live on camera! :) Seriously though, I think hangouts are the best feature of Google+! Here's the hangouts I've been on so far:
Google+ Analysis Tools
ABC's Of Google+
Relationship Marketing
WordPress SEO Mastery
Social Media Power Chat
Max Impact
Good Day Google
Christine & Mia
The Velocity Factor
TNT Bootcamp
My Music Hangout
You can watch these on my YouTube channel.


Online I'm an extrovert, but in the real world I'm a major introvert. I'm a hermit homeboy that is either - a) sitting on the computer, b) taking one of my 3 dogs out, c) at the gym, or d) having a beer with my wife of 20 years.

Here's some other random facts:
I believe that quality of life is more important than anything
I prefer trees to cities
I like my beer cheap & cold
My favorite TV show of all time is The X-Files
One of my proudest moments was completing the Tough Mudder course with my wife
I've been an entrepreneur since I was 12
My favorite place is at the campfire in Maine
I go to the gym or get outside and run/bike almost everyday
I haven't watched live TV in almost 10 years
I don't ever watch the news, or regular sports
I've had dogs my whole life & they make my day everyday
For fun I wakeboard, snowboard, snowmobile & party hard
I'm a serious wise ass, you can thank my mom
Bragging rights
I've been rocking sideburns that make other fellas jealous since 1987.
Circloscope Co-founder
SEO, UI/UX, Social Media, E-commerce, WordPress, Product Management
Co-founder, 2013 - present
Product Manager, 1997 - 2007

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