Google Business View - Virtual Tour

Google Business View

Virtual Tour by John Kelly, Google Trusted Photographer

What is it?

A virtual tour is created by a series of 360 degree panoramic images which enhance your Google Local Listing, the Google Knowledge Graph, and a tile in Street View.

Customers have a more enjoyable, meaningful and virtually real experience of your business.

The virtual tour is not a vanity item but a search tool to create customer engagement to help them experience your business virtually.

Where is it visible?

Your Business View is visible in five (+1) separate locations as a Google product.

  1. Search
  2. Maps
  3. Desktop Search Nearby
  4. Mobile search Near Me
  5. Your Google Business Page

+1. Hotel Finder - another part of the Google ecosystem. Of course, your business must be a hotel to qualify for listing.

Why is it important?

First, it is obviously significant to visually capture the visitor. The 360 degree photosphere is a virtual visit to your business allowing your customer to see inside and walk around.

Although the creation of the Business View is a Google Product the results are yours.

You can embed your Business View on your website, Facebook, codes, maps api.

On street view it shows up as see inside. On mobile it shows up in the tiles.

Virtual Tour desktop and mobile


  • The Business View enhances Google My Business listing.
  • Adds an extra image when the store shows up in search.
  • Unstated correlation between Business View and search results.
  • Tendency for businesses that have virtual tour to populate search.
  • Shows up on Google Business Page

Creative Additions

  • Stores can add a clickable link inside the tour to lead visitors directly to their eCommerce page.
  • Restaurants add a clickable link directly to menu page on website.
  • Other locations have created virtual treasure hunts with prizes that bring customers into the store to claim--discount coupons to cash rewards.

How to get one

Go to Google My Business. Click on the box Add a virtual tour.

Search for a trusted photographer in your area.

Make sure you are getting good quality. Search each of the photographers. Look at their work.

Each photographer has gone through two stages of training, must meet stringent criteria to qualify, and must continue to meet those qualifications. One mistake and they must re-qualify. It's a rigorous process and only the most consistently accurate with impeccable procedures are approved. When you buy the service, you’re going to have it for years. You deserve the best you can find for your business.

Pricing is set regionally by Google and is essentially based on square footage. Each photographer will list his pricing.

Long-lasting Value

Put your business forward with the best alternative.

When it comes to your promotional budget a Virtual Tour is a cost-effective investment. The one-time fee is reasonably priced. You achieve instant visual contact with virtual visitors.  Customers engage with your business.

The long-term value is integration with search. Business View adds search optimization value that no self-posted photo offers.

Get in touch if you want to know schedule a Virtual Tour for your business in the Portland, Oregon area.

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