Google Analytics - Analyze That!

Google Analytics is a mystery to many. How do you set it up? What do you really need to know? How do you set it up correctly? And, then, how do you look at the data?

+William Rock  the #GeekAholic of Internet Marketing   joins us to talk about Google Analytics and what to look for with conversions.  Don’t know how to get started with Analytics? He’ll cover that. Don’t know how to set it up? That, too.

About +William Rock

Tagline Complete #GeekAholic of Internet Marketing / Security / Other Introduction True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads. I have worked with some of the largest technology names including Microsoft, Cisco and enjoy any challenge presented ...

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As for Skills: Training Seminars Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement Web Site / Off Site Forensics Video / Editing and Much More Bragging rights Since 1998 I have been Studying Google and Marketing with the Best of the Best.

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