Goal Strategy: It's Not About You

 Slide Share for Your Goals

Many entrepreneurs center their goals around themselves

  • How I'll set up my business
  • What income I'll have in three months, six months, a year
  • Develop my personal affirmations

Create Your Goal

Your goal is not about you but about what your target market needs.

  • identify your market.
  • drill down on the needs
  • fill those needs with your product or service

Create Your Strategy

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To change your idea into a strategy you need to

  • know your product or service
  • build on your strengths to capture market interest
  • plan your marketing to reach the right people
  • create content that hooks their emotions
  • deliver excellent service

Plan Your Plan

Develop a plan of action aimed for results. At each step, think about how you are leading your prospect toward the sale.

  • List each step
  • Create your vehicles (posts, slides, blog, videos, podcast, course)
  • Set up a receiving basket. Make it easy for your customer to buy.
  • Promote what you have

Work Your Process

  • Promote the plan.
  • Make it simple. Keep it simple.
  • Make it easy for your customers to understand and to purchase.
  • Guide your prospect at every step with specific action steps.
  • Over deliver when they purchase.

Goals, Plan, Strategy.

Start with setting goals based on client needs. Focus on your strengths to create a match to client needs. Create a strategy to put your product or service in front of people who need your business. Plan your action steps for marketing. Implement your plan.

Zara Altair





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