How To Prepare For Your Ghostwriter

What Your Ghostwriter Needs From You

No matter what your genre—fiction, non-fiction, or memoir—you will share three vital components of your book

  • The Point - The theme or purpose of the book and why people should read it
  • Tone - friendly, scholarly, light hearted, literary, just the facts, etc.
  • Conclusion - What your readers will have when they finish reading

Your clear vision of what you want to say helps the ghostwriter fulfill your purpose.

The More You Give The Better The Book

In the beginning, your ghostwriter will want every scrap of thought you’ve put into your book so far.

  • Outline
  • Notes
  • Any chapters written
  • Any target market research
  • Desired tone - educational, fun, professional, etc.
  • Goal for the book
  • Goal for the reader

After your ghostwriter receives your information, he’ll probably do an interview to collect your thoughts and to get an idea of the way you speak. This one-on-one interview is especially important for non-fiction authors.

Fiction Book

Your vision for your fiction story, is the foundation your writer uses to create the story you envision. The more you tell your ghostwriter how you see your story, the closer she’ll come to creating the story in your mind. Points to consider:

  • Story arc - what happens from beginning to end
  • Character development - what happens to your main characters and why
  • Plot - what twists and turns do you have in mind

Your ghostwriter will check in with you once the first chapter is written to make sure he is on track with your story vision. Once the two of you agree, your ghostwriter will continue writing with another check in at midpoint.

If your ghostwriter get’s in touch to check a detail, do your best to respond to answer the question. Ghostwriting is a collaborative process, your input helps your writer construct the best version of your story.

Non-Fiction Book

Tell your ghostwriter the purpose of your non-fiction book. In other words, what do you expect as the reader outcome. In addition, you writer will require your personal aim in writing the book. The entire work will be structured to lead your reader to the outcome: inspiration, life-change, request your services, enroll in a course, etc.

Include in the basic material you give to your writer:

  • Research notes
  • Target reader demographics
  • Benefits to your reader
  • Desired tone - educational, friendly, professional, etc.

Your ghostwriter will write the first chapter and check in with you to verify that the style, tone, and subject matter are on course with your desired goal. Once you and your writer have agreed on the first chapter, the writer will continue to the midpoint. At that time, both of you will review the content to verify that the book meets your expectations.


Everyone has life experiences. The goal of your memoir is to tell the pertinent episodes in your life that lead to growth or transformation to inspire the reader. The first question your ghostwriter will ask is: what do you want your readers to gain from reading your book?

Memoir writing is a very collaborative project. Your ghostwriter will conduct a series of recorded interviews. In the interviews, the ghostwriter will ask detailed questions about the setting and characters involved in each episode. A good memoir is built on factual details combined with emotional punch.

Your ghost writer will want:

  • The overall theme of your memoir
  • The desired outcome for the reader
  • Time set aside to conduct the interviews without outside distractions

Your ghostwriter will write an introduction and the first chapter. When both of you agree on the basic elements of voice, tone, style, and details, your writer will continue until the midpoint. Once again, your ghostwriter will consult with you about the project.

Your Participation is Paramount

A good ghostwriter will take on your book project and work hard to create the book you envision. Your collaboration at the beginning sets the foundation for a book that meets your expectations and engages your readers in just the way you want to increase sales.

If you have a book project in mind, get in touch to discuss your project.

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