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+Phil Bowyer  asks: How do you expect to stand out when you're using the same tactics as everyone else? Tactics to think and work outside the box. Join us to learn how to Break Rules to grow your business.
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About Phil: Tagline I Help Entrepreneurs Break Rules Introduction Hey, Hey. My name is Phil Bowyer and I’m the co-founder of BoozeHound Productions, a company that helps you stand out by creating campaigns that resonate with your audience because they hit the right triggers, and because they are unlike anything else. In other words, I help you BREAK RULES!

Some fun facts about me:

→ I’m from Chicago

→ I’m a metalhead m/

→ My favorite beer is Bucer's Paradise (a Stout by a pub/coffeehouse called Bucer's in Moscow, Idaho)

→ I have a beautiful wife, and 4 kick ass kids

→ My Bacon number is 1

→ I was a Firefighter/EMT for 10 years

→ My favorite food (at the moment) is Stuffed Pizza

But, let’s get real, you want to know why you should circle me, right? → Because I’m awesome. Ask others, they’ll tell you.

→ Because I say no to the status quo, and help you do the same.

→ Because I tell it like it is. No fluff, no bullshit.

→ Because I like to have FUN. Never underestimate the power of having fun.

→ Because I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses reach their Destination.

→ Because I believe action is more important that inspiring a certain mindset.

→ Because you’re here anyway and you might as well hit that circle button.

→ Because I’m not on Facebook

My Breaking Rules Philosophy

If you’d rather watch than read, here’s a playlist that dives a bit deeper:

(it’ll take about an hour, the bulk of which is stories on how breaking rules and embracing creativity has helped three people commit to doing the work).

Breaking Rules isn’t about being anti-rules, or anti-law. Rules are good, but they have to be your own.

Breaking Rules is about saying no to the status quo and the social media and marketing experts that tell you their way is the only way to reach success. It isn’t.  The only way to success is the one that you create for yourself, the one that fits you like a glove and reaches deep inside of you and pulls out your strengths and uses them to their highest possibility.

It’s also about tapping into that inner kid. Have you ever noticed how a kid will go out of their way to jump in a puddle, or try something just because they’ve never experienced it before, or created their own fashion ensemble that no adult would be caught dead in? Yep, kids want to stand out and be themselves until we tell them they have to conform, and be like their peers.

By the time we reach adulthood, we are so used to playing by the rules, we are mesmerized by “creative people” who reach a level of success we only dream about. Guess what? You’re no different than them. You’re creative too, and you can be that kid who dresses like a ballerina, cowboy and fireman all at once and look awesome doing it.

There are thousands of experts telling you to be “authentic” while making you watch hour long HOA’s and trying to sell you programs that make you just like everyone else. Does that make any sense? Things like SEO crack me up because everybody is using the exact same tactics to get on page one.  It’s not about being on page one of Google search, it’s about being so damn extraordinary that people have conversations about you, which of course, translates to revenue (would you rather have 100,000 hits on your website, or $100,000 in your pocket?).

Take The First Step

Say hi. Really, I’d love to hear what you’re all about and learn what your passion is. I may look like a bad ass, but I’m a nice guy - really, don’t be shy.

OK, I didn’t want to use this, but I triple dog dare you to say hi.  Now, you have to do it. ;)

Take The Second Step

My second book, Coloring Outside The Lines guides you through the process of understanding who you are and creating habits and practices that are not only unique to you, but guide you to your Destination.

Coloring Outside The Lines is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books.Click the link below to grab your copy. Bragging rights I played a firefighter and a good samaritan in a movie called "After The Shock" (I was also the technical adviser). My wife Kate and I wrote, directed, casted and filmed a short film called "Crossed" ( Yeah, I know, I'm cool, but I'm humble :)

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