Four Types of Ghostwriting: Which One’s For You?


"You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind."

—Irish Proverb


Ghostwriting Creates Your Voice in Words

A ghostwriter writes in your voice. Whether you want to reach customers, tell people a good story (fiction), help people focus (non-fiction), or create an exemplary memoir, use a ghostwriter to get your ideas organized, written to your target audience, and expanding your idea.


Ghostwriting brings three main solutions for people who want writing:


  • Lack of writing experience
  • Time commitment
  • Non-native English speaker


For some, using a ghostwriter solves both these issues. They have an idea but don’t know how to put it into words or they have an idea but don’t have time to write because of other commitments.


Using a ghostwriter is a collaborative process. In the beginning, the writer will interview you about your needs, your concept, your background, and the message you want to convey. The writer takes notes, forms a plan, and gets your agreement before you start working together on the project.


The more you know about your project and your intended goal before you begin work, the easier it is to know if the ghostwriter is the right one for you. You’ll want to explain your idea at least enough for the writer to determine if they want to work on the project. Depending on how your ghostwriter works, you’ll spend time collaborating on the plan and the execution.


There are four main types of ghostwriting projects:


  1. Web copywriting
  2. Non-fiction articles, short ebooks, and books
  3. Fiction
  4. Memoir


Each type of project, has certain basic working strategies in common{ initial agreement on the work involved, payment terms, a time frame for completion, communication schedule and method, and the number of rewrites.


Ghostwriters work best and produce the best results with open communication from you, the author. A professional ghostwriter will establish how to communicate most effectively, for example, phone calls, email, comments on documents, video chats.

Web Writing


Communicate your business in a tone and language that speaks to customers and prospective customers.



Using a ghostwriter for web copy both for pages and articles gives you the benefit of top quality writing that speaks to your target audience. Web writers stay current with basic search engine optimization practices and use these techniques to enhance the findability of your business.


The more you tell your writer about your business and your customers, the better your writer will produce content for your website that speaks to your customers in their language. If your business already has an SEO practitioner or paid advertising consultant, introduce them to the writer so they can coordinate work to benefit your business.


Projects can range from pages for the website, to articles and white papers, to product descriptions. In all cases, the writer will research topics and phrases (keywords and related phrases) to enhance discoverability. In addition, the writer will create a meta description that shows in search results. This description is like a mini-advertisement for your business, service, or product.


Some writers also create email sequences and chatbot messages, to increase customer contact.


The ghostwriter concentrates on a tone that conveys your business in a conversation style that engages customers.



All fees are approximate. Suggested fees depend on the project scope, the time involved, and whether you want a onetime project or ongoing work.

Initial web pages up to five    Additional: Articles: $200 for a single article, reduced rates for ongoing retainer.

Non-Fiction Writing



Create a book that delivers your message to customers and prospective customers. Create a foundation for business, workshops, courses, and coaching to create and validate an idea, create trust, and foster your idea.



A ghostwriter takes your idea, creates an outline, and writes a book targeted to your niche audience.


Initial conversations revolve around the structure and outline of the project, the best way to convey your idea, and the outcome you want from readers. You’ll sign an agreement with the writer outlining the project scope, completion steps, and fee payment schedule.


A book is a long-term project. Depending on the research involved and the desired length of the book, the time involved is usually six to nine months and sometimes longer. Your ghostwriter will give you an idea of the time once the two of you have zeroed in on the main message.  


Your ghostwriter can help you turn your idea into a marketable book. In addition, your ghostwriter can connect you with other book services like editing, cover design, synopsis and back cover copy.



A non-fiction book project can range from $20,000 for a short ebook, to over $100,000 for a large project. Typical fees range from $40,000 to $75,000.




Turn your story idea into a well-written, marketable book including genre tropes readers expect so your story hits all the hot buttons.



You and your writer work to generate the story idea and outline. Your writer will want any notes or research you have done for background. The writer will create a story outline which the two of you will review together. The writer will submit several beginning chapters for your review for feedback on tone and character creation. Once the two of you agree, the writer will continue on the story with periodic reviews, until the story is completed.


Your ghostwriter can advise you on genre appropriateness for sex and violence. Your writer will want to know your attitude about sex in your novel: sex scenes or not, and the steaminess level. The same goes for violence. You need to be clear about the levels you want in your story.

You’ll sign an agreement with the writer outlining the project scope, completion steps, and fee payment schedule. Your ghostwriter can connect you with other book services like editing, cover and book design, synopsis and back cover copy.



Fees for fiction books range from $40,000 and up. Most ghostwriters will want a percentage of the fee to begin writing, another percentage on completion of the first draft, and a final payment for the completed manuscript.  




A life story written in your voice that tells a compelling personal journey.



A compelling memoir is written with as much detail and characterization and a work of fiction. Your writer weaves the threads of the non-fiction of your life to tell a compelling story. Your ghostwriter can help you find the touch point of your life story that will engage readers. Whether you are a public personality who wants to “tell all” or an individual who wants to share a personal journey, your ghostwriter will help you refine the material into a story that engages readers and keeps them turning pages.


You’ll sign an agreement with the writer outlining the project scope, completion steps, and fee payment schedule. Your ghostwriter can connect you with other book services like editing, cover and book design, synopsis and back cover copy.



Memoirs are standard books. The fees for ghostwriting a memoir range from $40,000 and up.


Choose the Right Writer for Your Project

A ghostwriter helps you organize your thoughts and communicate them clearly to your audience. Your writer will take your idea, give it formulation, and write in an organized manner to engage readers.


Unless you and the ghostwriter come to a different agreement, all the content is yours. No one will know somebody else took your idea and put it into words. The details are spelled out in the initial agreement. The copyright belongs to you.


Because you will work together, interview your ghostwriter to get a sense of how they work and whether the two of you will have a compatible relationship during the process.

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